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Arenac County Historical Society Books and Publications

The Society has a number of books and publications for sale related to Arenac County history and people.

Title Price Shipping
& Handling
"A Point to Remember" - A Pictorial History of Point Lookout, Michigan
    Val Korth, 2014 - Second Edtion
$30.00 $5.00
100th Anniversary - Omer Masonic Lodge #377 F. &. A. M.
     Includes a history of Omer and a history of Free Masonry - Reprinted
$6.00 * See Below
1883 to 1983 - Arenac County Centennial - One Hundred Years of Growth
Road Tour Guide Through Historic Arenac County
     Arenac County Centennial Commitee, 1983 - Reprinted

Content:  Small 12 page booklet, packed with lots of history. Family names are indexed. Arenac County map in center.

$3.00 * See Below
1906 Standard Atlas of Arenac County, Michigan: including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county - includes index
    Reprinted by the ACHS;   2012
$12.00 * See Below
A History of Arenac County, Michigan
by Calvin Ennes; edited, compiled and amended by Paul Michalke; 2003

Content:  208 pages including history of all 12 townships, Charity Islands and the Indians of Arenac County.   Softcover, coil bound.   Collage of vintage county pictures on the front cover and inside the back cover.      Name Index on-line

$25.00 $3.50
A History of Maple Ridge, Arenac County, Michigan
    Written and compiled by Marion Poole Maday & Friends;   2008

Content:  282 page book with history of the Maple Ridge area, much of it written by the people who were born and raised there, some are still there today.

$28.00 * See Below
Arenac County "First County Fair" Premium Book
Originally printed in 1885, the Arenac County Fair was held at Omer, Michigan, when Omer was the
     County Seat - Reprinted

Content:  Township histories included.  Small book, 4 " x 6"

$6.00 * See Below
Arenac County Directory - 1947

Content:  A great place to find your family name, address, occupation, owns or rents, has a phone. Honor Roll, list of churches, list of county officials, and a numerical phone book.90 pages.

$8.00 * See Below
Arenac County Fair Premium Book - 1914

Content:  Includes lots of ads of the period, showing businesses in the County in 1914.

* See Below
Arenac County Normal, 1904-1957
    Written and compiled by the ACHS;   2013
$30.00 $4.00
Au Gres Centennial 1865–1965: From Timber to Tourists
History of Au Gres Area, 1965 - Reprinted

Content:  Lots of Au Gres and area history. Ads show businesses around in the 1960's.

$6.00 * See Below
Au Gres Harbor Story

Content:   Small book. Short story of the struggle for Au Gres to obtain the Harbor of Refuge and Marina, starting in 1945, and finally completed in 1973.  12 pages.

$3.00 * See Below
First Families of Standish Township, 1974

Content:  Standish Township, where much of the Indian population lived, was created in 1873 from Arenac Township in Bay County.  This book covers the first families to settle here.  Lots of family names and pictures.   32 pages.     Name Index on-line

$10.00 * See Below
History of the Sterling Area
     by Virginia Adams, 1976 - Reprinted

Content:  16 pages, a narrative of the early settlement in Deep River and Adams Townships during the period 1870-1920.   Many early families mentioned.  Includes brief history of Sterling's Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches.     Name Index on-line

$8.00 * See Below
History of the Sterling Area, Second Generation
     by Virginia Adams, 1977 - Reprinted

Content:  15 pages, a narrative of Deep River and Adams Township histories from 1920-1975.  Many families mentioned.   Includes a timeline of notable events.

$8.00 * See Below
Omer Centennial Book, 1872-1972

Content:  Fire, cyclone and floods through the years couldn't stop the development of Omer. You can read about it here. Pictures and stories of the early settlers. Also, Omer Family Histories. 50 page book with family name index.      Name Index on-line

* See Below
One Room Country Schools Map

Content:  Map of Arenac County showing all of the 42 One (and two) room schools that were in the County at one time.
8 " x 11"

$2.00 * See Below
One Room Country Schools, Arenac County, Michigan
edited by Marie Bauer & Friends of Arenac County Historical Society, 1992 -
     Reprinted with additional photos, names and information

Content:  4 volumes with illustrations and maps.

Volume 1:  Schools included: Moores Junction, Adams School, Cedar Valley, Town Hall, Alger, Moffatt, West Alger, Maple Grove, Arenac School, Elm Grove, Hickory Island and Santiago.      Name Index on-line

Volume 2:  Schools included: Deford, Maple Ridge, Hanna, Berry, Haley, Deep Gully.

Volume 3:  Schools included: North Star, Plains, Jarvis Center & Ward, Johnsfield, West Bradley, Pine River, Gibson, Saganing, South Branch, Worth.     Name Index on-line

Volume 4:  Schools included: Tonkey Road, Pt Lookout, Delano, Laundrie, Riverside, Noble.    Name Index on-line

We have included what information we have on these schools. Some schools do not have much information or pictures. We would appreciate any donations of pictures, stories, report cards etc. to add to these books to make them more complete.   Thanks.

* See Below
Plat Book of Arenac County - villages, cities and townships - circa 1920

Content:  maps showing land ownership - includes index

$10.00 * See Below
POINT LOOKOUT, The Famous old Summer Resort located on the West Shore of Saginaw Bay. Unrivaled as a Summer Resort.

Content:  12 pages. Charming little booklet, to promote the area when the Steamers were bringing in tourists. Pictures, time table for The Fast Iron Steamer Arundell, and more.

$3.00 * See Below
Program Pioneer Picnic & Homecoming - Au Gres - 1942

Content:   Published for the annual Pioneer Picnic in Au Gres. Mostly ads showing the businesses in the area at that time. Also includes list of All Star Baseball Team Players for Southern and Northern Division.  Small 20 page booklet.

$3.00 * See Below
Rifle River Centennial Sucker Festival, Omer Michigan, April 8, 9, 10, 1983

Content:  Schedule of events, committee members, history on Omer and sucker fishing, sucker recipes history on logging and more.

$4.00 * See Below
Short History of Arenac County Roads - 2004

Content:   With 3 different color maps of the county. Short history of Arenac County Road Commission. Pictures of first road in county, M-70.   List of Road commission employees, past and present.   30 pages.

$6.00 * See Below
Soldiers & Sailors of Arenac County That Served in the Great War. (WWI).
    Written and compiled by the ACHS;   2010

Content:  approx 300 pages, containing a page for each service man, with personal information and war records. (see the note at the bottom of this page regarding shipping)

$28.00 $4.50
St. John's United Church of Christ - Au Gres 1912 - 1981

Content:  Known as "Old German Church", located on Delano Road. Later closed and now sits in park in Au Gres across the street from the ACHS museum.     Name Index on-line

$5.00 * See Below
Standish Telephone Directory - 1942
    Reprinted by the ACHS;  2015

Content:  3 1/2 pages of names and phone numbers.  Reproduced in color.

$6.00 * See Below
The Early Au Gres Area
     A Series of maps with Buildings and Landmarks. Edited and Modified by Mike Melvin
$5.00 * See Below
The Handy Cook's Book - 1915
     by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church, Au Gres.
$6.00 * See Below
The Story of Standish and its People, 1876-1976
     by Allan McCready, 1976 - Reprinted

Content:  The purpose of this story is to preserve the names of the men and to mention their part in the building of our fair city of Standish. I grew up with many of those who were responsible for the city's growth, lived and worked with them during more than half the century covered herein. Being curious and keeping a diary have helped me to supply many of the dates. having worked with some of those who were early settlers has been a big help in supplying names and occupations of many who otherwise may have been forgotten. Allan Mc Cready.     108 pages plus illustrations.

$10.00 * See Below
This is the Way We Went to School; West and Northwest of Saginaw Bay Around the Turn of the Century

Content:  An extension class from Central Michigan College of Education was held in Au Gres during the second semester of the school year 1949-50. The group studied the course entitled "Public Education in Michigan," One of the activities of this class was to make a collection of stories and incidents of the early school days in that part of Michigan. Information was gathered from newspaper files, records of school boards and through interviews with former inhabitants and teachers.

$6.00 * See Below
Wah Sash Kah Moqua, or Thirty-Three Years among the Indians
     by Mary A. Henderson Cabay Sagatoo; 1897 - Reprinted by Printer's Devil Press

Content:  140 pages plus illustrations

$12.00 * See Below
~Also other books published by local authors~

All publications are available for sale at the museum and at ACHS events.

For mail orders, please include the listed shipping and handling charges.
*For all items not otherwise noted above, include shipping and handling of $3.50 for the first item, $0.50 each additional item

Send personal check or money order to:

Arenac County Historical Society
P. O. Box 272
Au Gres, Michigan  48703-0272

Questions?   email:  info @ arenachistory.org

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