Lumber Camp Tools Exhibit

Arenac Co Historical Museum Exhibits

Most of the early exhibits showcase circa 1883 life in the area. Many of the tools used for the church building which is now the museum are on exhibit along with other historical church documents and artifacts donated by its past members. Some of the life-as-it-once-was displays show a rural schoolroom, bedroom and parlor settings, a pioneer kitchen, a barber and apothecary shop, country store items, military items and vintage apparel. A commercial fishing exhibit features a 1910 IHC stationary engine, nets and fishing equipment, and a scale model diorama of the 1883 High Iron bridge that was once the highest railroad bridge in Michigan.

Slice-of-life of past times includes furniture, clothing, beauty items, kitchen and dairy implements and appliances, dishes and cutlery. A wood model of an oil derrick tower, military-related items and outdoor sports equipment are exhibited in cases and on display stands.

The staff is planning on revising and rearranging exhibits beginning Summer 2023. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d love to hear from you.