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ACHS Online Indexes Overview

This major categories listed below follow those that are most recognizable to family historians and genealogists. These indexes are presented as both tables and PDFs. Only a portion of our archives is indexed; as with most repositories, indexing is an ongoing project but what we do have is offered online. Indexing is a continual activity for every historical or genealogical society. New indexes will be added over time. Check the home page’s “News & Notes” for future added indexes.

Please be aware that most of the index entries will tell you where to find the individual in the source on-site; most of our indexes will not link you to an image of the document. 


  • Always keep in mind that these indexes are created by people doing their best to read sometimes nearly illegible handwriting and/or deteriorating documents. The data tables were produced from these indexes using optical character recognition (OCR), which means the computer sometimes takes a guess what’s on the page and gets it wrong (example: reading “Burtch” as “Burtk”). If you can’t find your individual in the table, you may want to use the PDF link above the table.
  • When you follow one of the links below, it will take you to that category’s overview page which will then offer you subsections labeled as what seems most useful for that category. For example, the link “Newspaper Clippings” displays a page of indexes sorted according to years (because they are scrapbooks), whereas the link “Land” displays a page sorted by the type of land record and then the locale.
  • Tables are searchable. The search function field is directly above the table, on the right. The table displays words reflecting what’s being typed. Deleting the search or refreshing the page brings the table back to full content.
  • Tables can be sorted using the up/down arrows on the right of each field title. Clicking the arrow again or refreshing the page resets to the original order.