Point Lookout Glass Negative Digital Collection

The glass negatives were loaned to us by Roger Young to copy and keep as part of the Museum photo collection. Young’s grandfather was Bruce VanHorn,  who grew up at Point Lookout. Around 1905, Bruce VanHorn needed money to help him through college, so he decided to purchase a camera and take pictures at the Point and surrounding areas. Few of the images have been identified. Some were poorly developed but we include them because this is all we know of what remains of VanHorn’s photo career. (Wikipedia has a detailed article about glass plate processing.)

Most of these images are only minimally identified. If you recognize any of the people, places, events or dates, please contact us. Your information and stories will help improve our archives for future generations.

Click on the photo to start a gallery. Navigate forward and backward manually. Photo captions/descriptions accompany the photos, and also are in PDF format accessed by the links below the galleries.

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