Arenac County Death Record Indexes

The death records are listed by locale, then by date. If an index spans a range of years, it’s placed according to the earliest year. Indexes without the year range indicated will appear at the top of the list.  The majority of records are scrapbooks.


Adams Twp

  • No cemeteries

Arenac Twp

  • Arenac Township Cemetery, on FindAGrave (ACHS has on-site records)

Au Gres

  • Indian Burial Ground, evidence of on Michigan Ave
  • Indian Burial Ground, on FindAGrave
  • Linwood Cemetery, on FindAGrave
  • Evidence of a cemetery located on Lentner Rd

Au Gres Twp

  • No cemeteries

Clayton Twp

Deep River Twp

Lincoln Twp

  • No cemeteries

Mason Twp

Moffatt Twp

  • Alger Cemetery, on FindAGrave
  • Historical mentions of an Indian Burial Ground, location unknown


Sims Twp

  • Sims Family Cemetery (uses Au Gres address), on FindAGrave
  • Sims-Whitney Cemetery aka Point Lookout Cemetery (uses Au Gres address), on FindAGrave


Standish Twp


Turner Twp
  • No cemeteries

Whitney Twp

  • see Sims Twp

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