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Lincoln Township Bonds & Oaths [1880-1903]
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Allington, William E.Clerk5 April 18816
Allington, William E.Clerk4 April 18828
Allington, William E.ClerkApril 188311
Allington, William E.Twp Depty Clerk14 April 1880323
Angus, Peter M.Supervisor6 April 18801
Angus, Peter M.Justice of the Peace8 April 18802
Angus, Peter M.Supervisor4 April 18815
Angus, Peter M.SupervisorApril 188311
Angus, Peter M.Justice of the Peace15 April 188417
Angus, Peter M.Supervisor5 April 188725
Angus, Peter M.Supervisor5 April 188829
Angus, Peter M.Brd of Review 2 yrs14 April 189036
Angus, Peter M.Hwy Cmr Bond12 April 1892137
Angus, Peter M.Treas Bond3 Oct 1884232
Angus, Peter M.Treas BondApril 1885233
Angus, Peter M.Treas Bond9 April 1886234
Angus, Peter M.Treas Bond8 April 1887235
Angus, Peter M.Treas Bond5 April 1888236
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond8 April 1882240
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond15 April 1884250
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond14 April 1885254
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond8 April 1887258
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond11 April 1887260
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond10 April 1889264
Angus, Peter M.Constable Bond15 April 1891269
Angus, Peter M.Supervisor4 April 18828
Armstrong, W. H.Overseer of Hwys #510-Apr-0473
Arrison, J. H.Constable4 Dec 188315
Arrison, John H.Constable Bond4 Dec 1883243
Arrison, John H.Constable Bond11 April 1896284
Bacon, ConradConstable Bond13 April 1891267
Barager, HiramOverseer of Hwys #29 April 189761
Barbour, H. F.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #16 April 1895165
Basnaw, JosephHwy Cmr Oath2 April 1889150
Basnaw, JosephOvrsr Hwys Bond #13 April 1889158
Basnaw, JosephCmr of Hwys3 April 1889158
Bassinau, JosephOverseer of Hwys #27 April 18805
Beardsley, GeorgeHwy Cmr Bond8 April 1880125
Beaton, D. C.Constable Bond4-Apr-00292
Beaton, D. C.Constable Bond6-Apr-01294
Beaton, D. C.Constable Bond11-Apr-03297
Beaton, Donald C.Hwy Cmr Bond13 April 1896142
Beaton, Donald C.Constable Bond6 April 1895281
Beaton, NeilConstable BondNo date266
Beaton, NeilConstable Oath9 April 1891266
Belmer, Elwood E.Constable Bond13 April 1891267
Belmer, Elwood E.Constable Oath13 April 1891267
Bennett, George C.Overseer of Hwys #215 June 189155
Besaw, W. W.Constable Oath11 April 1887260
Besaw, WilliamConstable Bond11 April 1887260
Boyle, J. J.Constable BondNo date266
Bradley, EdwardTreas Bond10 April 1880227
Bradley, EdwardTreas Bond12 April 1881228
Buckley, WilliamConstable Bond7 April 1881239
Buckley, William H.Supt of Schools6 April 18817
Buckley, William H.School Inspector 1 yr8 April 18829
Buckley, William H.Hwy Cmr Bond10 April 1882127
Buckley, William H.Twp Depty Clerk5 April 1881323
Buckley, William H.Twp Depty Clerk8 April 1882324
Buisson, JosephOverseer of Hwys #13 April 189454
Busnaw, JosephHwy Cmr Bond3 April 1889150
Butler, ErnestHwy Cmr Bond7 May 1898144
Butler, W. J.Constable Bond4-Apr-00292
Butler, W. J.Constable Oath5-Apr-00292
Butler, W. J.Constable Bond6-Apr-01294
Butler, W. J.Constable Oath6-Apr-01294
Butler, W. J.Constable Bond11-Apr-03297
Butler, W. J.Constable Oath11-Apr-03297
Butler, WilliamConstable Bond11 April 1892273
Caldwell, AlexHwy Cmr Bond5 April 1888133
Caldwell, AlexConstable BondNo date266
Caldwell, AlexConstable Bond15 April 1891269
Caldwell, AlexConstable Bond8 April 1893276
Caldwell, AlexOvrsr Hwys Bond #410 April 1893162
Caldwell, AlexanderOverseer of Hwys8 April 188727
Caldwell, AlexanderHwy Cmr Bond11 April 1887132
Caldwell, AlexanderOvrsr Hwys Bond #18 April 1887156
Caldwell, AlexanderConstable Bond8 April 1887259
Caldwell, AlexanderConstable Bond11 April 1887260
Caldwell, JamesOverseer of Hwys #212-Apr-0267
Caldwell, JamesOverseer of Hwys #325-May-0474
Caldwell, JamesConstable Bond12-Apr-02295
Caldwell, JamesOverseer of Hwys #310 April 189357
Caldwell, R.Overseer of Hwys #316-Apr-0370
Caldwell, RobertOverseer of Hwys #312-Apr-0267
Callahan, RichardConstable Bond6 April 1887257
Cary ?, Jerome B. ??TreasurerNo date43
Cass, FrankConstable Bond14 April 1885254
Cheeney, William F.Overseer of Hwys #726-May-0576
Chovin, JohnOverseer of Hwys #813 April 189862
Chovin, JohnOverseer of Hwys #714-Apr-0369
Clark, C. P.Overseer of Hwys #810-Apr-0266
Clark, C. P.Overseer of Hwys #816-Apr-0369
Clark, C. P.Overseer of Hwys #87-Apr-0574
Clark, C. P.Overseer of Hwys #85-Apr-0471
Clukey, CharlesConstable Bond7 April 1893275
Cousineau, J.Overseer of Hwys #519 April 189559
Cousineau, J.Overseer of Hwys #57 April 189963
Cousineau, JosephDrain Cmr7 April 189443
Cousineau, JosephOverseer of Hwys #510 April 189356
Crop, Charles G.Constable Bond5 April 1889256
Cross, CharlesOverseer of Hwys #17 April 189155
Cross, CharlesOvrsr Hwys Bond #116 April 1890160
Cross, Charles G.Overseer of Hwys #116 April 189054
Cross, George F.Hwy Cmr Bond10 April 1882127
Currie, EdgarOverseer of Hwys22 June 189545
Cutter, GeorgeHwy Cmr Bond10 April 1897143
Dankert, HermanOverseer of Hwys #210 April 189357
Daugharty, JohnOverseer of Hwys #414 April 189863
Daugharty, JohnOverseer of Hwys #37 April 189964
Daugherty, JohnHwy Cmr BondApril 1891135
Daugherty, JohnHwy Cmr Oath9 April 1891135
Daugherty, JohnHwy Cmr Bond12 April 1892137
Daugherty, JohnHwy Cmr Oath12 April 1892137
Daugherty, JohnHwy Cmr Bond27-Jan-02146
Daugherty, JohnCmr of Hwys12 April 1892161
Daugherty, W. A.Constable Bond16 April 1897289
Daugherty, W. A.Constable Bond12-Apr-02295
Daugherty, WilliamHwy Cmr Bond12 April 1892137
Daugherty, WilliamHwy Cmr Bond7 April 1894139
Daugherty, William A.Hwy Cmr BondNo date140
Daugherty, William A.Constable Bond7 April 1893274
Davis, EmelineTreas Bond8 April 1882229
Davis, EmelineTreas Bond11 April 1883230
Davis, JeromePoundmaster8 April 188210
Davis, JeromeSupervisor9 April 188416
Davis, JeromeConstable Bond5 Feb 1885251
Davis, JeromeConstable Bond8 April 1882240
Davis, Jerome B.Overseer of Hwys10 April 188312
Davis, Jerome B.Supervisor9 April 188520
Davis, Jerome B.Justice of the Peace7 April 188726
Davis, Jerome B.Treasurer5 April 188829
Davis, Jerome B.Treasurer3 April 188932
Davis, Jerome B.Hwy Cmr Bond11 April 1887132
Davis, Jerome B.Hwy Cmr Bond3 April 1889150
Davis, Jerome B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #1April 1883153
Davis, Jerome B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #18 April 1887156
Davis, Jerome B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #17 April 1892161
Davis, Jerome B.Treas Bond11 April 1883230
Davis, Jerome B.Treas Bond5 April 1888236
Davis, Jerome B.Treas Oath5 April 1888236
Davis, Jerome B.Constable Bond10 April 1882?249
Davis, Jerome B.Constable Bond6 April 1887257
Davis, Jerome B.Constable Bond11 April 1888262
Davis, Jerome B.Treas Bond8 April 1893Insert
Davis, Jerome B.Poundmaster10 April 188315
Davis, Jerome B.Hwy Cmr Bond9 April 1884129
Davis, Jerome B.Hwy Cmr BondNo date130
Davis, Jerome B.Hwy Cmr Bond5 April 1888133
Davis, Jerome B.Treas Oath8 April 1893Insert
Decker , James J.Justice of the Peace7 April 188313
Decker, James J.School Inspector 2 yrs12 April 188210
Decker, James J.School Inspector16 April 188417
Decker, James J.Clerk26 May 188418
Decker, James J.Brd of Review7 April 189138
Decker, James J.Twp Depty Clerk7 April 1885326
Decker, James J.Brd of Review 2 yrs7 April 189240
Demme!, RockwellConstable8 April 18804
Demun, R.ConstableApril 188314
Demun, RockOverseer of Hwys #117 April 189454
Demun, RockOvrsr Hwys Bond17 April 1884154
Demun, RockwellOverseer of Hwys #112 April 188153
Demun, RockwellConstable Bond10 April 1882241
Demun, RockwellConstable Oath10 April 1882241
Demun, RockwellConstable BondApril 1883247
Dittmas, J. H.Constable Bond15-Apr-02296
Dittmas, J. H.Constable Oath15-Apr-02296
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Bond13 April 1896142
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Oath13 April 1896142
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Bond10 April 1897143
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Oath10 April 1897143
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Bond7 May 1898144
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Oath12 April 1898144
Dobson, JamesHwy Cmr Bond15 April 1899145
Dobson, JamesOvrsr Hwys Bond #17 April 1892161
Dobson, JamesOvrsr Hwys Bond #47 April 1894163
Dobson, JamesConstable Bond7 April 1892270
Dobson, JamesConstable Oath7 April 1892270
Dobson, JamesConstable Bond7 April 1894277
Dobson, JamesConstable Oath7 April 1894277
Dobson, JamesConstable Bond13 April 1896286
Dobson, JohnOverseer of Hwys #46-May-0473
Dobson, JohnOverseer of Hwys #927-May-0576
Dobson, JosephSpecial Marshal23 Aug 189241
Dobson, JosephConstable Bond13 April 1896286
Dobson, JosephConstable Oath13 April 1896286
Dodd, JohnOverseer of Hwys #112-Apr-0267
Dumond, JosephDrain Cmr12 April 189746
Duncan, S. E.Hwy Cmr BondNo date140
Dyer, W. R.Constable Bond27 Dec 1882244
Dyer, Walter R.Supervisor8 April 188623
Dyer, Walter R.Treas Bond16 April 1884231
Ellsworth, HenryHwy Cmr BondApril 1891135
Elwell , John S.Justice of the Peace7 April 189239
Elwell, J. S.School Inspector9 April 188727
Elwell, John S.School Inspector11 April 188520
Elwell, John S.Overseer of Hwys11 April 188521
Elwell, John S.Justice of the Peace6 April 188830
Elwell, John S.Brd of Review Inspctr22 May 188831
Elwell, John S.Hwy Cmr Bond9 April 1884129
Elwell, John S.Hwy Cmr Bond8 April 1893138
Elwell, John S.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #111 April 1885155
Elwell, John S.Constable Bond9 April 1892272
Emery, Charles T.Overseer of Hwys9 April 1886_ 24
Emery, Charles T.Constable Bond11 April 1884238
Fisher, JosephOverseer of Hwys #230-Apr-0473
Forsyth, A.Hwy Cmr Bond17 April 1895141
Foster, Wm.Overseer of Hwys #110-Apr-0064
Gammon, WalterOverseer of Hwys #29-May-0370
Gammon, WalterConstable Bond12-Apr-02295
Gammon, WalterConstable Oath12-Apr-02295
Glidden, G. W.Justice of the Peace11 April 188728
Glidden, G. W.Justice of the PeaceApril 189138
Goff, AlbertConstable Bond5 April 1889256
Goff, AlbertConstable Oath4 April 1889256
Goff, AlbertTwp Depty Clerk2 Sept 1886327
Goyer, AdelartOverseer of Hwys #613-Apr-0471
Grant, J. W.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #111 April 1885155
Grashaw, ThomasOvrsr Hwys BondApril 1895166
Gregory, FrankTreasurer13 April 18801
Gregory, FrankTreasurer8 April 18829
Gregory, FrankOvrsr Hwys Bond #210 April 1882151
Gregory, FrankTreas Bond10 April 1880227
Gregory, FrankTreas Bond12 April 1881228
Gregory, FrankTreas Oath13 April 1881228
Gregory, FrankTreas Bond8 April 1882229
Gregory, FrankTreas Oath8 April 1882229
Gregory, FrankConstable Bond7 April 1881237
Gregory, FrankConstable Bond10 April 1882241
Grier, GeorgeConstable Bond6 April 1898290
Grier, GeorgeConstable Oath6 April 1898290
Grimore, J.Treas Bond8 April 1882229
Grimore, JamesTreas Bond10 April 1880227
Grimore, JamesTreas Bond12 April 1881228
Haines, W. C.Supt of Schools8 April 18802
Hall, AlfredOverseer of Hwys12 April 189846
Hamilton, CharlesOverseer of Hwys #526-May-0576
Hamilton, F. B.School Inspector5-Apr-0147
Hannon, GeorgeConstable23 April 188314
Hannon, GeorgeConstable Bond23 April 1883246
Harrison, GeorgeConstable Bond11 April 1882242
Harrison, GeorgeConstable Oath11 April 1882243
Harrison, JamesHwy Cmr Bond27-Jan-02146
Harten, JamesConstable Bond7 April 1893274
Harten, JamesConstable Oath7 April 1893274
Hayes, Sanford E.Constable Bond7 April 1894278
Hazan, W. W.Constable Bond11 April 1884238
Hazen, Wallace W.Twp Depty Clerk10 April 1883324
Hazen, William W.Clerk to fill vacancy6 Jan 188415
Hazen, William W.Clerk10 April 188416
Higby, Henry F.Justice of the Peace8 April 18803
Ireland, NelsonJustice of the Peace14 April 188625
Ireland, NelsonOverseer of Hwys23 June 188729
Ireland, NelsonSupervisor2 April 188932
Ireland, NelsonSupervisor7 April 189137
Ireland, NelsonSupervisor7 April 189240
Ireland, NelsonHwy Cmr BondApril 1891135
Ireland, NelsonHwy Cmr Bond8 April 1893138
Ireland, NelsonOvrsr Hwys Bond #18 April 1887156
Ireland, NelsonOvrsr Hwys Bnd #1, 223 June 1887157
Ireland, NelsonConstable Bond13 April 1891267
Ireland, NelsonSupervisor12 April 189034
Ireland, NelsonOvrsr Hwys BondApril 1895166
Ireland, NelsonConstable Bond7 April 1893274
Jacques, V.Constable Bond15-Apr-03298
Jacques, VitalPoundmaster8 April 188623
King, George A.Constable20 April 188314
King, George A.School InspectorApril 188313
King, George A.Constable Bond appt27 Dec 1882244
King, George A.Constable Oath27 Dec 1882244
King, George A.Constable BondApril 1883248
Knight, ErnestOvrsr Hwys Bond #410 April 1893162
Knight, Ernest M.Twp Depty Clerk25 June 1896330
Knight, Ernest M.Twp Depty Clerk10 April 1897331
Knight, Ernest M.Twp Depty Clerk23 April 1898331
Lamorey, MosesConstable Bond8 April 1893276
Larocque, RudolphConstable Bond11 April 1888262
Larocque, RudolphConstable Oath11 April 1888261
Laroue, FrankOverseer of Hwys #410 April 189762
Laroue, FrankOverseer of Hwys #17-May-0474
Laroue, FrankOverseer of Hwys #425 April 189559
Laroue, Frank Sr.Overseer of Hwys #414 April 189660
Lawrence, AlbertOverseer of Hwys #212-Apr-0575
Lawrence, AlbertHwy Cmr Bond27-Jan-02146
Lawrence, AlbertHwy Cmr Oath27-Jan-02146
Lawrence, AlbertHwy Cmr Bond7-Apr-03147
Lawrence, AlbertHwy Cmr Oath7-Apr-03147
Lebrosse, NoahOverseer of Hwys #68-May-0575
Lentz, JohnTreas Bond11 April 1883230
Leroux, FrankSchool Inspector5 April 188830
Leroux, FrankOverseer of Hwys #419 April 189558
Little, RobertOverseer of Hwys #610 April 189356
Logan, Ed L.Pathmaster #68-Apr-0148
Logan, EdwardOverseer of Hwys #63 April 189545
Logan, Edwin L.Overseer of Hwys #710-Apr-0266
Logan, PeterOverseer of Hwys #631-May-0268
Logan, PeterOverseer of Hwys #64-Jun-0371
Marlow, AnthonyClerk7 April 188519
Marlow, AnthonyClerk5 April 188725
Marlow, AnthonyOverseer of Hwys25 July 188934
Marlow, AnthonyHwy Cmr Bond7 April 1886131
Marlow, AnthonyOvrsr Hwys Bnd #1, 223 June 1887157
Marlow, AnthonyOvrsr Hwys Bond #125 Jan 1884159
Marlow, AnthonyConstable Bond8 April 1887259
Marlow, AnthonyConstable Bond5 April 1888261
Marlow, AnthonyConstable Bond11 April 1888262
Marlow, AnthonyTwp Depty Clerk6 April 1888328
Martin, LafittJustice of the Peace14 April 188521
McCormick, B.Overseer of Hwys #713 April 189863
McCormick, M.Overseer of Hwys #12 June 18805
McCormick, MichaelHwy Cmr Bond8 April 1880125
McCrory, FrankOvrsr Hwys Bond #510 April 1894164
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond8 April 1885252
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath7 April 1885252
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond8 April 1887258
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath8 April 1887258
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond5 April 1888261
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond3 April 1889263
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath3 April 1889263
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond16 April 1890265
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath16 April 1890265
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond9 April 1892272
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath9 April 1892272
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond7 April 1894278
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath7 April 1894278
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond9 April 1894279
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond6 April 1895281
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond6 April 1895282
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath6 April 1895282
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond11 April 1896284
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond11 April 1896285
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath11 April 1896285
McCrory, FrankConstable Bond10 April 1897288
McCrory, FrankConstable Oath14 April 1898291
McCrory, FrankClerk7 April 188622
McCrory, FrankConstable7 April 188622
McCrory, FrankConstable8 April 188726
McCrory, FrankConstable5 April 188828
McCrory, FrankHwy Cmr Bond10 April 1897143
McDole, ThomasConstable Bond11 April 1896285
McDonald, AngusOverseer of Hwys #18 April 18804
McDonald, AngusDrain Cmr4 April 18828
McDonald, JohnConstable Bond10 April 1889264
McDonald, JohnConstable Bond7 April 1893275
McDonald, JohnConstable Oath7 April 1893275
McDonald, JohnConstable Oath10 April 1889264
McDonald, R. E.Hwy Cmr BondApril 1883128
McGurk, RobertSchool Inspector14 April 188624
McGurk, RobertSchool Inspector3 April 188933
McGurk, RobertTreasurer11 April 189033
McGurk, RobertHealth Officer30 April 189036
McGurk, RobertTreasurer7 April 1891_ 37
McGurk, RobertSchool Inspector7 April 189239
McGurk, RobertHealth Officer15 April 189343
McGurk, RobertHwy Cmr Bond14 April 1890134
McGurk, RobertHwy Cmr Bond7 April 1894139
McGurk, RobertOvrsr Hwys Bond #116 April 1890160
McGurk, RobertOvrsr Hwys Bond #17 April 1892161
McGurk, RobertTreas Bond9 April 1886234
McGurk, RobertTreas Oath7 April 1886234
McGurk, RobertTreas Bond8 April 1887235
McGurk, RobertTreas Oath8 April 1887235
McGurk, RobertConstable Bond8 April 1887258
McGurk, RobertConstable Bond3 April 1889263
McGurk, RobertConstable Bond16 April 1890265
McGurk, RobertConstable Bond7 April 1892270
McNeil, DanielTreas Bond16 April 1884231
McNeil, DanielTreas Oath16 April 1884231
McQueen, ThomasHwy Cmr BondNo date130
McQueen, ThomasHwy Cmr Oath13 April 1885130
McQueen, ThomasHwy Cmr Bond7 April 1886131
McQueen, ThomasHwy Cmr Oath7 April 1886131
Metevier, T.Overseer of Hwys #713-Apr-0472
Metevier, TheodoreOverseer of Hwys #118-Jun-0577
Miller, AlbertOverseer of Hwys #?31-May-0577
Mooney, JohnJustice of the Peace14 April 189035
Mooney, JohnSchool Inspector7 April 189138
Mosher, JamesSpecial Marshal23 Aug 189241
Nehls, CharlesBrd of Review4-Apr-0146
Nehls, CharlesHwy Cmr Bond17 April 1895141
Nehls, CharlesHwy Cmr Oath17 April 1895141
Nehls, CharlesConstable Bond16 April 1897289
Nehls, HenryOverseer of Hwys #46-Apr-0165
Nehls, HenryConstable Oath6-Apr-01293
Nehls, Henry J.Overseer of Hwys #412-Apr-0575
Nehls, WilliamConstable Bond16 April 1897289
Nehls, WilliamConstable Oath14 April 1897289
Norton, JohnOverseer of Hwys #47 April 189457
Norton, JohnOvrsr Hwys Bond #47 April 1894163
Olmstead, T. T.Overseer of Hwys #219 May 188153
Olmstead, T. T.Overseer of Hwys #216 July 189255
Olmstead, T. T.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #210 April 1882151
Olmstead, T. T.Overseer of Hwys #210 April 189253
Olmstead, T. T.Constable Bond10 April 1897288
Olmstead, Thomas T.Overseer of Hwys #510 June 189444
Olmstead, Thomas T.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #510 April 1894164
Otto, PaulOverseer of Hwys #913-Apr-0472
Page, RobertConstable8 April 18803
Page, RobertConstableApril 188313
Page, RobertCensus Innumerator5 May 188418
Page, RobertConstable14 April 188521
Page, RobertConstable14 April 188624
Page, RobertClerk6 April 188830
Page, RobertClerk2 April 188932
Page, RobertClerk14 April 189035
Page, RobertClerk7 April 189137
Page, RobertDeputy Treasurer10-Apr-0148
Page, RobertConstable Bond11 April 1882242
Page, RobertConstable Oath12 April 1882242
Page, RobertConstable Bond15 April 1884245
Page, RobertConstable Bond15 April 1884250
Page, RobertConstable Bond14 April 1885254
Page, RobertConstable Oath14 April 1885254
Page, RobertConstable Bond8 April 1887259
Page, RobertConstable Oath8 April 1887259
Page, RobertTwp Depty Clerk13 April 1887327
Page, RobertConstable Oath15 April 1884250
Pelin, IsaacHwy Cmr Bond14 April 1890134
Peterson, H. M.Constable Bond6 April 1895283
Peterson, H. M.Constable Bond13 April 1896286
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond15 April 1884250
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond15 April 1891269
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Oath15 April 1891269
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond11 April 1892273
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Oath11 April 1892273
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond10 April 1894280
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond6 April 1895281
Peterson, Harvey M.Constable Bond6 April 1895282
Petrimoulx, FrankConstable Bond5 Feb 1885251
Pierce, Charles D.Justice of the Peace7 April 188622
Pierce, Charles D.Constable7 April 188623
Pierce, Charles D.Clerk7 April 189239
Pierce, Charles D.Census Innumerator10 April 189445
Pierce, Charles D.Constable Bond7 April 1893275
Pierce, Charles D.Constable Bond7 April 1894277
Pierce, Charles D.Constable Bond10 April 1897288
Pierce, LincolnSchool Inspector10 April 188416
Polley, GeorgeConstable Bond10 April 1897287
Polley, GeorgeConstable OathNo date287
Polley, JohnOverseer of Hwys #510 April 189762
Pomeroy, W. N.Hwy Cmr Bond7-Apr-03147
Pomeroy, W. N.Constable Bond15-Apr-02296
Pomeroy, Wellington N.Constable Bond7 April 1894277
Pomeroy, Wellington N.Constable Bond7 April 1894278
Pomeroy, Wellington N.Hwy Cmr Bond13 April 1896142
Pratt, Ralph E.Clerk6 April 18801
Proulx, MikeOverseer of Hwys #416-Apr-0268
Proulx, P.Overseer of Hwys #415-Apr-0268
Quigley, WilliamCmr of Hwys5 April 18816
Quigley, WilliamCmr of Hwys20 April 188312
Quigley, WilliamHwy Cmr Bond5 April 1881126
Quigley, WilliamHwy Cmr Bond10 April 1882127
Quigley, WilliamHwy Cmr Oath10 April 1882127
Quigley, WilliamHwy Cmr BondApril 1883128
Quigley, WilliamConstable Bond7 April 1881239
Quigley, WilliamConstable BondApril 1883248
Rancourt, JohnConstable Bond10 April 1897287
Rancourt, JohnConstable Bond15-Apr-03298
Rancourt, JohnHwy Cmr Bond7 May 1898144
Rancourt, JohnHwy Cmr Bond15 April 1899145
Rancourt, JohnHwy Cmr Bond7-Apr-03147
Rankin, John A.Constable Bond6 April 1898290
Reeves, Myron B.Overseer of Hwys #19 April 189761
Reilly, AlfredConstable Bond11 April 1884238
Reilly, Alfred T.Constable11 April 188417
Richardson, Daniel W.Treas Bond3 Oct 1884232
Richardson, Daniel W.Treas Bond8 April 1887235
Richardson, Daniel W.Treas BondApril 1885233
Richardson, Daniel W.Treas Bond9 April 1886234
Robinson, GeorgeConstable Bond9 April 1892271
Schwerin, HenryOverseer of Hwys #319 April 189559
Schwerin, HenryOverseer of Hwys #320 April 189660
Schwerin, JohnOverseer of Hwys #38 April 189761
Senne, CharlesOverseer of Hwys #311-Apr-0065
Shaw, JosephOvrsr Hwys Bond #410 April 1893162
Shillinger, George N.Deputy Clerk26 May 188418
Shillinger, George N.Treasurer18 Sept 188419
Shillinger, George N.Treasurer8 April 188520
Shillinger, George N.Justice of the Peace11 April 188727
Shillinger, George N.Brd of Review Inspctr22 May 188831
Shillinger, George N.Supervisor6 Jan 188931
Shillinger, George N.School Inspector 2 yrs12 April 189035
Shillinger, George N.Clerk7 April 189342
Shillinger, George N.Justice of the Peace9 April 189444
Shillinger, George N.Hwy Cmr Bond5 April 1881126
Shillinger, George N.Hwy Cmr BondApril 1883128
Shillinger, George N.Hwy Cmr BondNo date130
Shillinger, George N.Ovrsr Hwys Bond17 April 1884154
Shillinger, George N.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #510 April 1894164
Shillinger, George N.Treas Bond16 April 1884231
Shillinger, George N.Treas Bond3 Oct 1884232
Shillinger, George N.Treas Oath3 Oct 1884232
Shillinger, George N.Treas BondApril 1885233
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond7 April 1881237
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond8 April 1885252
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond5 April 1888261
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond9 April 1892272
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond10 April 1894280
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk5 Jan 1884325
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk10 April 1884_ 325
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk7 April 1891326
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk2 April 1889328
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk12 April 1890329
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk7 April 1892329
Shillinger, George N.Twp Depty Clerk9 April 1894330
Shillinger, George N.Treas Bond8 April 1893Insert
Shillinger, George N.Cmr of Hwys6 Dec 188419
Shillinger, George N.Hwy Cmr Bond7 April 1886131
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond7 April 1892270
Shillinger, George N.Constable Bond11 April 1892273
Sims, FredConstable Bond10 April 1897287
Sivier, John W.Constable Oath6 July 1886255
Smith, JamesOvrsr Hwys Bnd #1, 223 June 1887157
Snow, M. D.Constable Bond6-Apr-01294
Snow, M. D.Constable Bond15-Apr-02296
Snow, M. D.Constable Bond11-Apr-03297
Snow, Mortimer D.Constable Bond4-Apr-00292
Sonsmith, LouisOverseer of Hwys #88 April 189964
St. John, LedgerCmr of Hwys6 April 18802
St. John, LedgerCmr of Hwys8 April 188726
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Bond8 April 1880125
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Oath9 April 1884129
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Bond11 April 1887132
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Oath11 April 1887132
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Oath5 April 1888133
St. John, LedgerCmr of Hwys17 April 1884154
St. John, LedgerCmr of Hwys8 April 1887156
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Bond9 April 1884129
St. John, LedgerHwy Cmr Bond5 April 1888133
St. Peter, LouisHwy Cmr Bond14 April 1890134
St. Peter, LouisHwy Cmr Oath12 April 1890134
St. Peter, LouisHwy Cmr Bond7 April 1894139
St. Peter, LouisHwy Cmr Oath7 April 1894139
St. Peter, LouisHwy Cmr BondNo date140
St. Pierre, LouisHwy Cmr Oath6 April 1895140
Stilson, Edward J.School Inspector6 April 18817
Straight, WilliamConstable Bond7 April 1881_ 237
Straight, WilliamConstable Bond10 April 1882 ?249
Straight, William H.Constable Oath7 April 1881237
Straight, William H.Constable Oath10 April 1882 ?249
Walker, Abram D.Hwy Cmr Bond5 April 1881126
Walworth, JosephOverseer of Hwys #616 July 189256
Warren, Edward C.Treasurer5-Apr-0147
Warren, Edward C.Health Officer20-Apr-0148
Warren, Edward C. M.D.Health Officer5-Apr-0147
Weaver, N. B.Hwy Cmr Bond15 April 1899145
Weaver, N. B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #13 April 1889158
Weaver, N. B.Treas Bond8 April 1893Insert
Weaver, NewtonConstable Bond10 April 1882 ?249
Weaver, Newton B.Treasurer7 April 188312
Weaver, Newton B.Brd of Review 1 yr11 April 189241
Weaver, Newton B.Treasurer9 April 189444
Weaver, Newton B.Treas Bond11 April 1883230
Weaver, Newton B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond17 April 1884154
Weaver, W. B.Hwy Cmr Bond17 April 1895141
Welles, A. H.Treas Bond5 April 1888236
Welles, Arthur H.Brd of Review 1 yr14 April 189036
Wells, A. W.Constable Bond3 April 1889263
Wheeler, D.Overseer of Hwys #129-Apr-0370
Wheeler, DuncanConstable Bond14 April 1891268
Wheeler, Duncan D.Constable Bond9 April 1894279
Wheeler, James G.Special Marshal23 Aug 189242
Wheeler, James G.Constable Bond14 April 1891268
Wheeler, W. B.Constable Bond6 April 1895283
Wheeler, Walter B.Special Marshal23 Aug 189242
Wheeler, Walter B.Overseer of Hwys #16 April 189558
Wheeler, Walter B.Overseer of Hwys #111 April 189660
Wheeler, Walter B.Hwy Cmr Bond8 April 1893138
Wheeler, Walter B.Hwy Cmr Oath8 April 1893138
Wheeler, Walter B.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #16 April 1895165
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Bond14 April 1891268
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Oath14 April 1891268
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Bond9 April 1894279
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Oath9 April 1894_ 279
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Bond11 April 1896284
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Oath11 April 1896284
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Bond11 April 1896285
Wheeler, Walter B.Constable Bond6 April 1895282
Williams, CharlesOverseer of Hwys #511-Apr-0065
Williams, CharlesOverseer of Hwys #514-Apr-0369
Williams, W. H.Drain Cmr8 April 18803
Williams, William H.Justice of the Peace4 April 18827
Williams, William H.Overseer of Hwys #18 April 18829
Williams, William H.Overseer of Hwys #112 April 188211
Williams, William H.Ovrsr Hwys Bond #112 April 1882152
Wilson, S. W.Overseer of Hwys #510-Apr-0166
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Bond9 April 1892271
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Oath9 April 1892271
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Bond8 April 1893276
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Bond10 April 1894280
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Oath10 April 1894280
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Bond6 April 1895283
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Oath6 April 1895283
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Bond15-Apr-03298
Woolhiser, DavidConstable Oath15-Apr-03298
Woolhiser, DavidOvrsr Hwys Bond #16 April 1895165
Worrell, W. H.Constable8 April 18804
Worrell, William H.Constable Bond7 April 1881239
Worrell, William H.Constable Oath7 April 1881239
Worrell, William H.Constable Bond8 April 1882240
Worrell, William H.Constable Oath8 April 1882240
Worrell, William H.Constable Oath11 April 1885253
Worrell, William H.Constable Bond6 April 1887257
Worrell, William H.Constable Oath6 April 1887257
Wubbena, JanJustice of the Peace7 April 189240