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NOTE: The dates were recorded in the format dd/mm/yy.


Lincoln Township Oaths of Office [1907]
Armstrong, W. H.Overseer of Hwys5-Apr-075
Armstrong, W. H.Board of Review20-Apr-0910
Benson, GustOverseer of Hwys5-Apr-074
Brandeau?, PeterOverseer of Hwys11-Apr-088
Burkhardt, Chan?Gatekeeper12-Jun-062
Caldwell, JamesPathmaster11-May-077
Caldwell, JamesOverseer of Hwys9-Apr-1012
Chooin?, JohnJustice of the Peace13-Apr-089
Clark, C. P.Pathmaster2-Jun-061
Clark, C. P.Election Inspector12-Jun-062
Gammon, WalterTreasurer5-Apr-076
Gammon, WalterTreasurer11-Apr-088
Gammon, WalterHealth Officer9-Apr-0910
Gammon, WalterBoard of Review9-Apr-1011
Haas, TheodoreJustice of the Peace20-Apr-0910
Hamilton, CharlesPathmaster19-Apr-1012
Hamilton, CharlieConstable23-Apr-077
Hamilton, CharliePathmaster5-Apr-074
Hamilton, George B.Brd of Review5-Apr-076
Kraus, GeorgeBoard of Review11-Apr-088
Kroske, Paul C.Deputy Clerk12-Jun-061
Kroske, WilliamElection Inspector12-Jun-061
Lawrence, AlbertPathmaster11-Apr-1012
Logan, WilliamCmr of Hwys5-Apr-076
Lovett, Charles E.Justice of the Peace5-Apr-075
McCullough, JohnOverseer of Hwys5-Apr-074
McCullough, WilliamOverseer of Hwys14-Apr-0910
Moore, JacobPathmaster12-Apr-1012
Nehls, H. J.Justice of the Peace9-Apr-1011
Nehls, Henry J.Gatekeeper12-Jun-062
Pedit, G. W.Supervisor9-Apr-099
Pedit, G. W.Overseer of Hwys5-Apr-076
Pedit, G. W.Supervisor11-Apr-088
Pedit, G. W.Supervisor9-Apr-1011
Proulx, FelixOverseer of Hwys2-Jun-063
Proulx, FelixOverseer of Hwys5-Apr-076
Proulx, PeterCmr of Hwys10-Apr-088
Proulx, PeterCmr of Hwys9-Apr-0910
Proulx, PeterCmr of Hwys9-Apr-1011
Reid, AlexanderJustice of the Peace18-Jun-063
Rutherford, A.Chairman12-Jun-061
Rutherford, H. E.School Inspector23-Apr-077
Rutherford, JohnSupervisor5-Apr-075
Senne, Fred E.Justice of the Peace19-Dec-077
Shaw, JosephOverseer of Hwys5-Apr-075
Snyder, JohnOverseer of Hwys5-Apr-074
Wagner, JohnClerk9-Apr-1011
Wagner, John A.School Inspector17-Apr-089
Wheeler, S. A.Treasurer9-Apr-099
Wheeler, S. A.Treasurer9-Apr-1012
Willette, H.Overseer of Hwys5-Apr-074
Willette, Henry.Overseer of Hwys4-Jun-061
Wubbena, CharlesJustice of the Peace18-Jun-063
Wubbena, CharlesClerk5-Apr-075
Wubbena, CharlesClerk9-Apr-099
Wubbena, J.Clerk12-Jun-062
Wubbena, J.Clerk6-Nov-063
Wubbena, JohnAssistant Clerk12-Jun-062
Wubbena, MyrtleDeputy Clerk9-Apr-077