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The Handy Cook’s Book – 1915 by the Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church, Au Gres. Includes patron and businesses names, articles and recipes with donor names, occupations/positions and residence town.


Handy Cook's Book Recipes 1915
ItemName / Position / TownPage
A Woman's Problem10
Agans, Wm. H.Drain Commissioner of County of Arenac28
An Exclusively "Canned" Dinner71
Angel CakeHemstreet, Mrs. C.32
Angel FoodSproule, Mrs. R. L.30
Angle CakeSchaiberger, Mrs.35
Apple CakeGriffith, Mrs. Dill32
Apple Jelly44
Applesauce Cake No. 1Willett, Mrs. Alex32
Apricot Ice CreamFrank, Ena43
Arenac County IndependentStandish, Michigan17
Arnold's BreadBay City, Michigan12
AuGres Elevator Co.AuGres, Michigan76
AuGres Hotel Co.74
AuGres Livery Co.25
AuGres State BankAuGres, Michigan18
AuGres' Big Department StoreAuGres, Michigan23
Baked Brown Bread25
Bean BouillonPontiac, F. D.11
Beef A La mode I16
Beef A La mode IIEddington, Jane16
Beef Loaf14
Beef LoafSproule, Mrs. R. L.15
Beef RollBarnes, Mrs. H.14
Beef Tea64
Beet RelishCullip, Mrs. Walter20
Beet SaladScharberger, Mrs.19
Birdsnest SaladCarpenter, Mrs. 0. H.19
Brackenbury, B. K.74
Brackenbury, Mr. and Mrs.74
BreadTopping, Mrs. H. W.26
Bread Fruit CakeTrudell, Mrs. D.32
Bread Stuffing13
Breakfast GemsBradley, Mrs. Alfred26
Brook Trout12
Brown PuddingCullip, Mrs. Arthur42
Burns and ScaldsHandy Household Remedies79
Burnside, G. A.Santiago, Mich.70
Butter Mixture30
Buttermilk CakeWillett, Mrs. Alex30
ButterscotchBradley, Mrs. Alfred48
Camphor Ice60
CandyGrimore, Mrs. Jas.48
Caramel CustardSproule, Mrs. R. L.42
Carrot PuddingCarpenter, Mrs. 0. H.41
Carrot Soup11
Cement for Glassware64
Cheese OmeletG., Mrs. C.24
Cheese Sandwich Filling28
Cheese SauffleHaven, Mrs. S.25
Cheese StrawsM., Mrs. A.24
Cherry PuddingFrank, Ena42
Chicken LoafSproule, Mrs. R. L.14
Chicken PieBadour, Mrs. Joe15
Chilli SauceSproule, Mrs. R. L.20
ChocolateWheeler, Mrs. H. M.49
Chocolate Nut CakeSproule, Mrs. Ada32
Chocolate PieSproule, Mrs. F.40
Chocolate Plum Pudding23
Chop SueyAllen, Mrs. George15
Chou ChouQueen, Mrs. H.20
Cocoanut CookiesGilroy, Mrs. G. W.37
Cocoanut PieNoggle, Mrs. H. C.39
Cocoanut PieSproule, Mrs. Ada39
Coffee JellySproule, Mrs. R. L.42
Cold On The ChestThe Doctor At Home78
Cold SlauSproule, Mrs. R. L.17
Cold SlawWhitman, Mrs. Elsie18
Cole-Grimore Hardware Co.AuGres, Michigan1,13
Cole-Grimore Merc. Co. Store33
Cookies with Raisin FillingM., Mrs. C. W.36
Corn BreadF., E. M.25
Corn RelishP., N.21
Corn SaladWillett, Mrs. Alex22
Corn Starch CakeMoran, Mrs.32
Crab Apple PicklesT., M.22
Crab-Apple JellyC., Mrs. M.44
Cranberry JellyBadour, Mrs. Joe44
Cream CakeProulx, Mary E.36
Cream CandyFrank, Grace48
Cream Cheese Filling For Cake28
Cream CookiesPetty, Mrs. J. R.37
Cream NectarTwining, Mrs. F. L.50
Cream of BeetsPetty, Mrs. J. R.17
Cream of Wheat Omelet57
Cream Prune PieSproule, Mrs. F.39
Cream PuffsWillett, Mrs. Alex42
CrullersSproule, Mrs. R. L.37
Cucumber CatsupFrank, Ena20
Cucumber PicklesGriffith, Mrs. Dell21
Cucumber SaladCullip, Mrs. W. M.18
Cup CakeSproule, Mrs. Robt.32
Cupid's Recipe Kiss Cake76
Cure for Rheumatism and Bilious HeadacheThe Doctor At Home78
CutsThe Doctor At Home78
Dainties Made With Dates45
Dark CakeSchaiberger, Mrs.35
Date and Apple Pie46
Date Biscuit46
Date Blanc-mange46
Date Bread45
Date Charlotte46
Date Dessert Allen, Mrs. George47
Date Jelly45
Date Meringue45
Date Puffs46
Date Sandwiches46
Date Sandwiches No. 246
Date Tea Cake46
De Witt, Francis B.Register of Deeds Arenac County41
Delano's Store34
Delicious ButtetM., Mrs. J. N.52
Develed EggsD., Mrs. C.E.23
Devil's Food No. 1Noggle, Mrs. H.C.34
Devil's Food No. 2Petty, Mrs. J.R.34
Dill PicklesWillett, Mrs. Alex22
DivinityGrimore, Mrs. Jas.48
DivinityNoggle, Mrs. H. C.48
Dougherty, E. E.52
DoughnutsH., Mrs. C.37
Dried BeefTwining, Mrs. F. L.16
Dropped BiscuitNoggles, Mrs. H. C.26
Dropped DoughnutsNoggle, Mrs. H. C.37
Dumplings For Pot PiePetty, Mrs. J. R.26
Dumplings That Never FailProulx, Mrs. W. C.27
Eggless CakeTwining, Mrs. F. L.30
English Date PuddingCarpenter, Mrs. 0. H.41
Escalloped CabbageA., Mrs. G.17
Escalloped SalmonG., A.11
Escalloped SalmonCullip, Mrs. Wm.12
Farmer's Cake32
Fever and Ague60
Fish ballsC., N.11
Fish Cutlets12
For FelonHandy Household Remedies79
Forshee, ClaudTwining, Michigan16
French Salad DressingB., C. C.17
Fried CakesWhitman, Mrs. Elsie37
Frog Legs12
Fruit Cake No. 1Sproule, Mrs. R. L.34
Fruit Cake No. 2Hill, Mrs. W. A.35
Fruit SaladHemstreet, Mrs. C.18
Fruit Sherbet53
FrummityA., Mrs. Thomas42
Fry, J. C.Coroner and County Agent27
FudgeAllen, Mrs. George48
Glasure, George M.Commissioner of Schools26
Gold Nut CakeNoggle, Mrs.30
Graham MargareriW., M.37
Grape JellyP., N.44
Green Tomato MinceHuff, Mrs. Elmo38
H. A. Proulx GroceriesAuGres, Michigan16
Hair Tonic61
Handy Moving Day Hints77
Handy Things To Know67
Healthful for Women70
Heavenly BlissAllen, Mrs. Geo49
Henderson, Benj. J.Attorney at Law, Standish39
Herman & Johnson23
HermitsCullip, Mrs. Walter37
Hill, W. A. AuGres, Michigan21
Holden & Fry UndertakersStandish, Michigan 27
Home-made MustardC., Mrs. M.22
Housewife's Handy Time Table3
How to Clean Paint Brushes64
How to Make Good Hard Soap69
How to Remove Grass Stains65
How to Remove Grease Spots65
How to Wash Woolen Blankets66
Huckle Berry CakeCarpenter, Mrs. O. H.35
Hudgins, Mrs. J. H.M. E. Church, AuGres7
Hudgins, Rev. J. H.M. E. Church, AuGres7
Ice CreamOsborn, Mrs. Wm.43
Ice CreamWillett. Mrs. Alex43
Ice Cream Sauce43
Ice Cream TaffyPetty, Mrs. J. R.49
Icy Windows60
Indian PuddingPetty, Mrs. J. R.41
Irish StewB., C. C.16
J. C. Howard & SonStandish, Michigan19
Jam JamsCullip, Mrs. Walter37
Jellies-Currant or any BerriesA., Mrs. W.C.44
Jelly CookiesProulx„ Mrs. W.C.36
Jelly Roll No. 1Ullman, Mrs. Harry37
Jelly Roll No. 2H., Mrs. C.32
John Marsh & SonsBay City, Michigan24
Johnson, H. H.Clay Center, Neb.31
Ladies Aid SocietyMethodist Episcopal Church4
Ladies Aid SocietyAuGres, Michigan 19155
Larry, Wm. AAuGres, Michigan18
Layer CakeSproule, Mrs. F.30
Layer CakeCullip, Mrs. Walter32
Legal Table of Pounds To The Bushel68
Lemon PieSproule, Mrs. F.39
Lemon PieCullip, Mrs. Walter40
Lemon Sherbet50
Loud, Col. Geo A. Member of Congress29
Luncheon Salad19
Macaroni and CheeseCullip, Mrs. Walter25
Marble Chocolate CakeHemstreet, Mrs. C.32
Margaret's Drop CakesTrudell, Mrs. D.35
McGregor, CliffordMember of Arenac Board of Supervisors36
McGregor, JamesBlacksmith21
Meat Stuffing13
Methodist Episcopal ChurchAuGres, Michigan6
Mexican RiceAllen, Myrtle17
Michigan Vitrified Brick Co.Bay City, Michigan15
Mince MeatWillett, Mrs. Alex38
Mince MeatGrimore, Mrs. Jas.39
Mixed PicklesProulx, Mrs. Mary21
Moths in Carpets60
Nest of EggsM., Mrs. J.W.24
Nut BreadPetty, Mrs. J.R.25
Nut Cake "Simply Delicious"Sproule, Mrs. Robert32
Nut Frappe53
Nut SticksCullip, Mrs. Walter56
Nut Wafer CandyCullip, Mrs. Wm.49
Oat Meal with Apples57
Oatmeal Cookies55
Odd Fellows TempleAuGres, Michigan35
Old English Meat DumplingA., Mrs. Thomas14
Old Sol for Your Stove51
Old Trusty Incubators31
Omelet (Enough Four People)D., Mrs. A.J.24
One Remedy for Snoring73
Oysters on the Half Shell12
Paradise, Bert F.AuGres, Michigan40
Parker House RollsHill, Mrs. W. A.26
Petty M. D., John R.AuGres, Michigan36
Pickled BeansQueen, Mrs. H.21
Pie CrustSproule, Mrs. F.38
Pineapple Mousse80
Plain White CookiesCullip, Mrs. Wm.37
Poor Man's OmeletM., R. C.23
Pork SausageFrank, Mrs.16
Potato CandyWillett, Mrs. Alex48
Potato Fried CakesPetty, Mrs. J. R.37
Potato SaladSmith, Mrs. J. Walker19
Potato StewT., Mrs. J. C.11
Proportions for Dishes59
Proulx's Shaving ParlorAuGres, Michigan22
Pumpkin PieM., M.39
Quisite CakeWillett, Mrs. Alex32
Rasberry IcingF., E.34
Ray the PillmakerAuGres, Michigan20
Recipe For Plum PuddingPendred, Mrs. Chas.42
RelishWillett, Mrs. Alex20
Reuther, Mr. Theo.24
Rhubarb Conserve56
Roast BeefH., J.14
Roast Pork TenderloinF., Mrs. W. J.15
RocksWillett, Mrs. Alex35
Rolled SandwichesP., Mrs. F.27
Rumford CompanyProvidence, R. I.11
S. L. GoodAuGres, Michigan14
Salad DressingTrudell, Mrs. D.18
Salad DressingUlman, Mrs. Henry18
Sally LunsTwining, Mrs. F. L.30
Salmon LoafProulx, Mrs. W. C.13
Sauce for Puddings80
Sauer Kraut CandySproule, Mrs. F.49
Scalloped SalmonCullip, Mrs. Arthur14
Schaiberger, W. H.AuGres, Michigan23, 70
Scientific Snow Pudding54
Scottish FanciesGrimore, Mrs. Jas.57
Sea Foam CandySproule, Mrs. F.48
Shirred EggsSproule, Mrs. R. L.24
Sigel M. D., Paul R.AuGres, Michigan34
Simple But Delightful CakeCullip, Mrs. Walter30
Small Fish Baked13
Smothered ChickenGriffith, Mrs. Dell15
Soft Molasses CookiesProulx, Mrs. P.37
Sour Cream CakePetty, Mrs. J. R. 30
Spanish CreamSproule, Mrs. R. L. 42
Spanish Mackerel12
Spanish StewRay, Mary A. 16
Spiced Date Cakes46
Spiced GrapesG., Mrs. A.22
Sponge Cake No. 2Whitman, Mrs. Elsie34
Sponge Ginger Cake No. 2Allen, Myrtle34
Sproule, Flaud25
St. Clair, H. J.De Laval Cream Separators17
State Bank BuildingAuGres, Michigan81
Steamed CoffeeCullip, Mrs. Walter50
Strawberry Ice CreamF., W. M.43
Strawberry ShrubAllen, Mrs. G.50
Strictly Vegetarian Diets82
Stuffed Pepper For One Pepper55
Stuffing for Baked Fish13
Stuffing For FowlsB., C. C.14
Sugar CookiesWillett, Mrs. Alex3737
Suggestions for Church Suppers83
Sun-Cooked StrawberriesT., D.51
Sweet Apple PicklesBadour, Mrs. Joe22
Sweet Cucumber PicklesR., P. M.22
Sweet Pepper Sandwiches28
Sweet PuddingHill, Mrs. W. A.41
Sweet Salad DressingSproule, Mrs. Flaud17
Sweet Sliced Baked PotatoesAtlanta, Mrs. A.P.17
Sweet Tomato PicklesAllen, Mrs. George22
Table of Weights and Measures58
TartsA., Mrs. D. G.38
Temperance CookiesBirmingham, M. A.37
The Enterprise OfficeAuGres, Michigan9
The Handy GrocerPoint AuGres38
The Omega Separator CompanyLansing, Michigan1
To Abolish Insects or Vermin63
To Cook Tough Steak TenderA., S. A.15
To Prevent Soggy Pie Crust38
To Remove Stains and Spots62
To Stop Bleeding61
To Withdraw Rusty Screws68
Tomato CatsupCullip, Mrs. Walter21
Tomato RelishAllen, Mrs. George20
Tomato SaladT., B. C.17
Tomato SoupBadour, Mrs. Joe11
Twenty Minute PuddingAllen, Mrs. George42
Twining, Fred L.Sec'y Treas.15
U. Kissem & I. Huggem Co.75
Van Burskirk, Charles M.Pontiac, Michigan2
Vanilla WafersWillett, Mrs. Alex35
Vegetable Salad19
Walnut CakeCullip, Mrs. Wm.30
War Time Spice CakeProulx, Mrs. P.36
Warren, Frank A. 34
Warren, Mrs. T. Point AuGres 3838
Washing Fluid61
Welsh RarebitFrank, Mrs.24
White BreadBarbare, Jessie27
White Fruit CakeCullip, Mrs. Walter36
White Muffins55
Whitefish (An Old But Easy Way to Bake)Cullip, Mrs. Wm.13
Whitefish Point Shirley Style13
Whiting, Mr. Asa Clerk of County of Arenac80
Willett, Louis AuGres, Michigan22