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Arenac County Pioneer Society Au Gres 1911. Author, publication information unknown. Content: A booklet that briefly discusses a 1911 celebration of the pioneers of Au Gres and the summer during which it took place. Includes ads.


Arenac Co Pioneer Society 1911
A.H. Townsend Staple & Fancy Groceries, Twining20
Allen, C.2
Allen, Carrolton13
Allen, George30
Ames, Jay5
Arenac County6, 7, 8, 32
Arenac County Independent8
Arenac County Pioneers2
Arenac Exchange Bank7
Armstrong, Mrs. Thos.29
Au Gres Bank19
Au Gres bank, Au Gres42
Au Gres Club House, Au Gres40
Au Gres Livery Co.14
Au Gres M. E. Church19
Au Gres Sanitary Shaving Parlor, Au Gres41
AuGres Council2
Badour, Joseph13
Badour, Paul P.30
Badour, W. J.13
Baldwin, James31
Bell and Brown Bottle Lines20
Berringer Goodrich & Berringer5
Betzing, Peter Merchant Tailor, Standish8
Bird & Gale, Standish23
Bissett, H. M.29
Blohm, H. C.21
Blumenthal, Sam7
Boor, F. A.29
Bradley, William5
Bridge, S. A.29
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Thos29
Brown, Thomas29
C. Allen, Au Gres30
Carpenter, Mrs. O. H.30
Chamberlain & Henderson Real Estate & Insurance, Standish36
Chamberlain, H. A.15
Chas. G. Griffith Painting and Paper Hanging, Au Gres30
Cilley, Mr. Scott16
City Livery Barn10
Cole & Petty42
Cole & Petty, Proprietors19
Cole-Grimore Mercantile Company, Au Gres28
Cole, E. G.4, 14
Cole, Petty & Sproule Bros.14
Cole, President33
Conrad, F. J.19
Cook, W. C.5
Crawford, Edmund13
D & M RR8, 20
D & M Ry22
D & M Ry station2
D. Henry & Co., Omer22
De Witt, Francis B.38
Detroit & Mackinac Railroad6, 9, 37
DeWitt, F. B.30
Dittenbar, Messr. And Mesdames Peter29
Dougherty, Charles29
Duby, Louis4, 30
Duby, Noel2
Dunn, John W.13
Dygert, T. H.27
Dygert, Thomas H.29
Edgewood Man, Bay City17
Eisen, John5
Elliot, Arthur13, 30
Elliot, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur29
Elliot, Mrs. Amanda29
Elwell, J. S.5
Ernest, Myron30
Everett, Laddie II24
Finerty, John J.31
Fish, D. D.8
Forshee, Claud15
Forsyth and Downer, Standish4
Francis Smith and Lee33
Frank, Daniel29
Fred I. Pero Furniture, Turner29
Fred L. Twining Lumber, Twining29
Freeland, A. R.29
Freeland, Henry29
G.A. Burnside Real Estate, Santiago13
German American Sugar Co.3
Gidley, W. R.21
Gilroy, Rev. G. W.19, 29
Glasure, Geo. H.10
Glasure, Jas. E.10
Great Department Store, Omer9
Grimore, James5, 20
Grimore, Mayor and Mrs.29
Grimore, Mayor James2
H. M. Sproule General Merchandise, Au Gres30
Hall, John,13
Hanley, John R.18
Hardy Music Store, Standish6
Harrington, Mrs.29
Hartwick, Joseph40
Hasty, County Sheriff2
Hasty, William H.5, 39
Heinrich, Phillip29
Hemenway, J.34
Hempstreet, C. H.16
Hemstreet, C. H.29
Henderson, Benj. J.39
Henning, Oscar13
Herman Bros & Johnson, Au Gres35
Herman, August13
Herman, Deputy Sheriff2
Herman, Gus13
Hill Rural Telephone System, Au Gres42
Hill, W. A.42
Hill, William A.29
Hollister, Geo. H.20
Hotel Arenac, Twining16
Hotel Ryland, Standish19
Hotel Turner12
Hull Dentist, Dr. Chas. J.24
I. Obey and Son, Bay City17
IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)2
IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Hall, Au Gres19
Ireland, Nelson5
Jaynes & Crawford, Twining14
Jennings, Alfred14
Jennings, Charles30
Jewell, Rev. Fr. E. J.29
Kelly and Whitehouse, Turner12
Kelly, Geo. T.31
KOTMM. (Knights of the Modern Maccabees)2
LaFlame, Frank29, 41
Lagnes, Ben16
Lagness, Mr. and Mrs. John40
Larry, Mesdames William30
Larry, William30
Lincoln, William13, 30
Lobes, Henry13
Loud, Col. Geo. A. Loud18
M. E. Church25
MacEdward, W. G., Bay City37
Maguire, Thomas17
Maple Ridge12
Marble, H. I.23
Marfileus, Oscar A.32
Martin, Joseph15
Mattinson, Joseph29
McCready, John5
McDougald, Sandy29
McGrady and Hartwick, Twining40
McGrady, Henry40
McLean, D. J.30
McLean, Dan J.38
McLean, Patrick30
McLean, William30
McPhail & Macomber7
McPhail, E. A.9
McPhail, Mrs. N. A.12
McVicar Dentist, Dr. J. W.26
Mead, J. K.21
Merrick, F. W.31
Michigan Central Railroad6, 7, 31
Milne, Thomas34
Mudge, Mrs.29
Mutart, L. P.3
Mutart, Louis P.29
Myers, Editor33
O'Brien, Mesdames John13
Oak Leaf Farm, Twining20
Omer House, Omer21
Otto Bernthal Co., Standish32
Packard, Andrew13
Packard, Supervisor30
Paradise, B. F.13
Paradise, Bert F.23
Parker, Miles5
Pedit, William5
Petty M. D., J. R.25
Post & Fletcher Real Estate & Insurance, Bay City26
Proulx Sr., Louis13
Proulx, Gilbert29
Proulx, Henry13
Proulx, Joseph29
Proulx, Louis30
R. K. L. and Smith Wallace Shoes, Turner12
Rainsburger, David29
Ransom & Mead21
Ransom, J. J.21
Ransom, John J.14
Ray, Geo. C.1, 4, 13
Reed, Clarence13
Reichle, Charles5, 26, 30
Reichle, Theodore C.30
Richards, B. L.30
Richards, Ben16
Richards, Harry24
Robson Bros.13
Rossman, C. H.7
Roy P. Eymer, Lumber Company, Turner21
Schailberg's Great Department Store, Au Gres43
Schailberger, W. H.13
Schlanger, Harry27
Scotty Ma_guire's17
Selle, Henry5
Shingles, Au Gres23
Shotwell, G. W.30
Sibley, Josiah30
Sleeper, A. E.31
Smith M. D., D. T.36
Snyder, Henry13
Souvigny, Louis30
Souvigny, Supervisor30
Sproule, Flaud14
Sproule, H. M.4, 13
Sproule, Mr. and Mrs. Robert29
Sproule, R. L.13, 30
State Bank of Standish15
State Savings Bank, Turner1
Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.16
Steves, F. J.16
Thayer & Stagg, Bay City18
The Banner Store7
The Economy Shoe Store, Standish21
The Nyal Store32
The Pioneer Creamery, Omer22
The Two Bens Contractors and Builders16
Thompson, Charles29
Turner Creamery Company, Turner13
Turner Elevator Company, Turner27
Turner Military Band2
Twining Bank of Merrick , Sleeper and Company31
Ullman, Henry29
Van Horn, C. J.29
W. A. Larry Contractor and Builder, Au Gres37
W. N. Pomeroy & Son, Standish31
Warren & Company, Delano35
Weed, John29
Weeks Dentist, Dr. D. E.36
Weiles, A. H.15
West Bay City Sugar Co., Bay City43
Whitman, Supervisor30
Willett, Alex13, 29
Willett, Fabian13, 29
William LeRoux Hardware, Twining12
Wright, A. L.31