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The Early Au Gres Area. Map series with buildings and landmarks.


Early Au Gres Area Maps 1840-1930s
A History of Arenac County3
Albert Badour Home6
Albert Pomerville Home8
Alex (Wm.) Hill Home4
Alfred Jennings Home8
Arnet Wheeler Boot Repair and Store5
Au Gres Boom Rooming House and Dining Hall4
AuGres Boom Marshaling Stalls7
AuGres Enterprise7
AuGres Hotel7
Bank Ice House7
Bill Duby Saloon8
Billings, A. B.3
Boney Daggert Home8
Boom Farm House5
Bradley, Ed4
Carl Allen Home7
Charles Jennings Home6
Cole and Petty Bank6
Cole Store6
D & M Railroad Station7
Daughtery Saloon5
Daughtery Store7
De Ford, Alex5
Dr. Petty Home and Office7
Dr. Petty's Drug Store6
Drummond House5
E. G. Cole Home6
Elliott Home6
Ennes, Calvin2
Ennes, Calvin3
Enterprise Boom Marshaling Stalls7
Enterprise Boom Rooming House and Dining Hall4
Gartner, Joe8
George Grimore Hardware5
George Ray Drug Store7
Grimore, James5
Hannon House Hotel5
Heinrich, Jerry2
Herbert Sproule Home6
Herman and Johnson Mill7
Hill, "Daddy"5
Hill's Carpenter Shop5
Honey Building6
Indian House3
IOOF Home8
James Grimore Store5
James Roberts Cabin5
Jennings Theater7
Joseph McGregor Home6
Larry, Bill6
Logging Boom Company4
Louis Souvigny Home6
Louis Willett Home7
Macabee Home8
McBain Home8
McFall Home8
Melvin, Mike2
Methodist Church6
Mudge Home6
Muthart Blacksmith Shop5
Muthart Home5
Nixon, Dennis6
Noggle Grocery7
Noggle, Frank6
Noggle, Harold8
Paradise Shingle Mill8
Petty, Dr.6
Pomerville Garage8
Proulx, Albert and Eva7
Proulx, Hebert6
Proulx, Herbert7
Ray's Drug Store6
Raymond, Mr.4
Reicle, Theodore8
Reid Hardware6
Reid Millinery Store6
Richter Home7
Robb, Dr.6
Robert Sproule Home8
Sam Good Home8
Sam Good's Meat Market6
Sandy McDougall Home8
Schaiberger Home6
Schlosser Steam Saw Mill4
Spencer Badour Home6
Sproule Hardware7
Sproule Herbert and Ida Hill4
Sproule Lumber Shed7
Sproule, Robert Sr.5
Tip Up Bridge6
Tip Up Bridge4
Tom Saunders Home7
Townsend Creamery5
Townsend Home8
Twining, Harrison5
Walter Cullip Home6
Wilk, Mike7
Willet Blacksmith Shop and Garage7
Willet, Alex6
Wm. Reid Home8