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100th Anniversary Omer Masonic Lodge #377 F. &. A. M. Reprint. Includes a history of Omer and a history of Free Masonry.


Omer Masonic Lodge 100th Anniversary 1985
A & S Starter Co., Omer34
Adams, John22
Albrecht, Devere & Marlene38
Albrecht's Family Restaurant38
Aldrin, "Buzz"22
Allen, Wayne C.2
Alumi-Craft, Inc.; Omer, Bay City, Standish41
Anderson, Nate18
Arenac Abstract & Title Company, Standish52
Arenac Building Association10
Arenac County9
Arenac County Courthouse10, 14
Arenac County Independent, Standish48
Arenac Lanes Bowling Alley & Bar37
Arenac Realty Co., AuGres51
Arenac Township9
Arnesen, Fred7
Arnesen, Fred L.20
Arnesen, Fred M.21
Arquette Block Yard36
Arquette, John20
Ashcraft's Food & Family Center, Standish39
AuGres Beauty and Barber Shop, AuGres55
AuGres Parts & Service35
AuGres Township9
AuSable-Oscoda Fire15
Baikie, J. P.30
Baikie, James P.15, 18
Baikie, Mr. John26
Baikie, Mrs. Etta27
Baikie, Mrs. Myrtle27
Baikie, Wm.19
Baikie, Wm. P.20
Baldwin Lodge No. 27213
Bay City9, 16
Bay City Consistory19
Bay County9
Beaver, W. P.30
Belknap, J. H.30
Belknap, Mr. Joseph26
Belknap, Mrs. Emma26
Bell Motor Co.32
Bell, Bari32
Bell, Don4
Bell, Donald2, 20
Bell's Auto Machine shop43
Betrom, Rechard E.50
Bilacic Real Estate, AuGres56
Birch, Ronald7
Bowring Lodge16, 20, 21
Broderic, John15
Brondstetter, Mrs. Virginia25, 29
Brooks, Mr. Chancy27
Brown, Jack D.2
Bugh, Albert D.2
Burch, Ronald 20, 21
Burdick, Mr. Fred27
Burdick, Mrs. Kate27
Burrows, Ralph7, 21
C & D Service, Twining49
C. L. Forshee & Sons Funeral Homes, Inc., AuGres55
Campbell, Mrs. Kate26
Caverly, A.31
Caverly, Alex6, 7, 8, 20, 21
Caverly, Alex H.2
Ccrawford [Crawford?], Mrs. Alta26
Chartier, Charles E.2
Chemical Bank Au Gres; AuGres, Prescott59
Chipman Drug Store32
Cilly, Mr. Scott27
Clayton Township9
Clouston1, 13
Cody's Family Restaurant41
Cook, A. L.31
Cook, Arnold7
Cook, Arnold L.2
Cook, Mr. Arnold25
Cook, Mrs. Mabel27
Corneil, F.30, 31
Corneil, Mr. Frank28
Corneil, Mrs. Josie27
Crandel, R. J.16
Crawford, P.A.18, 31
Davis, E.31
Davis, Eugene20
Davis, Eugene E.2
Davis, Horatio4, 7
Davis, Horatio & Toshie43
Davis, Horatio S.2
Davis, Mr. Horatio25
Davis, Mrs. Toshie25
Dean, Leo R.20
Dean, Leo Robert2
Dean, Robert43
Decker, J. J.13, 30
Decker, Mr. James26
Decker, Mrs. James26
Decker, Mrs. Mary26
Detroit and Mackinac Railroad1, 13
Detroit and Mackinaw Railroad Building12
Deveau Lake11
Dittenbir, Arnold2
Dodge, Mrs. Georgia29
Dreyer, Mrs. Hilda26, 27
Dunn, Mrs. Karen25
E. E. Ward and Co.16
Edgley, Glen20
Edmonds, Karl35
Elwell, Arthur16
Ennes Home Supply, AuGres54
Etherington, Henry20
Etherington, Mrs. Mary26
Eugene Hauser1, A
F & M Transmissions32
Fales, Walter C.2
Farm Bureau Insurance, Standish54
Fitzgerald, Don51
Flick, Robert & Marianne32
Flowers, Chet19
Ford, Gerald R.22
Ford, Mr. F. S.26
Forshee, C . J.31
Forshee, C. John4, 8
Forshee, Clare L.19
Forshee, Clayton John2
Forshee, John19, 20, 25, 29
Forshee, Mrs. Alpha28
Forsyth, Robert32
Frank, Leonard G.18
Franklin, Benjamin22
Franks, J. W.31
Franks, John19
Frappier, Mr. Willard26
Gale, G. (Jim)46
Garrison, Dewey2, 29
Garrison, Mrs. Pearl26, 29
Gary, Earl C.2
Gene's Hardware & Appliance50
George Washington Memorial16
George, Frank2
George, Mrs. Joyce28, 29
Gilbert, James L.2
Gillette Apartments, Standish45
Gillette, Don4
Gillette, Don & Marjorie45
Gillette, Don L.2
Godfrey, Arthur12
Goodman, Frank2
Gorrie Furniture Co.15
Gorrie Mill11
Gorrie, W. L.9
Grace Chapter14
Grace Lodge No. 4113
Graceland Ball Room11
Grand Lodge of Michigan F. & A. M.10, 18
Greenway, Jack2
Guerincy, Insurance Agency, Omer58
Guerincy, J.31
Guerincy, James4, 20
Guerincy, James P.2
Guerincy, Jim58
Guerincy, Miss Janet E.25
Guerincy, Mrs. Annabelle25
Guest, Dale7
Guest, Dale L.20, 21
Gulledge, Mrs. Marian25
H & H Bakery & Restaurant of AuGres, Inc.48
Hale Lodge21
Hall, Woodrow4, 7, 43
Hall, Woodrow H.2
Hammond, A. D.30
Hampton Township9
Hancock, John22
Harmon, J.31
Harmon, James2, 4, 7, 21
Harmon, Jim & Ellen43, 55
Hatcher, Mrs. Myrtle27, 28
Hauser, Eugene2, 4, 7, 8, 21, 43
Heinrich Lumber Company, AuGres40
Henderson, B. J.16
Henry and Stone16
Henry, Donald2
Henry, Mrs. Jennie27
Heska, Gary20
Heska, Gary G.2
Hillman, Curtiss W.52
Holland, B. S.30, 30, 31
Holland, Bert S.18, 47
Holland, Mr. Burt27
Holland, Pat47
Holland, R. B.31
Holland, Roy B.2, 47
Holland's IGA47
Hollenbeck, Jerry7,4
Hollenbeck, Jerry & Martha43
Hollenbeck, Jerry L.2
Horton, William H.3
Howell, Stephen D.3
Hoyt, G. C.31
Hoyt, G. L.30
Hoyt, Mr. Glen28
Humerickhouse Construction, Twining58
Humerickhouse, Al58
Humerickhouse, Albert H.3
Humerickhouse, Mr. Albert28
Humerickhouse, Mrs. Alpha28
Humerickhouse, Mrs. Shirley28
Humerickhouse, Oliver18
Humerickhouse, R. V.31
Humerickhouse, Roland3
Humerickhouse, Ron58
Humerickhouse, Ronnie3
Humerickhouse, Ronnie4, 7
Illig, Kenneth L.44
Inglis, Mr. Thomas26
Inglis, Mrs. Julia26
Inland Marine, Inc.43
International Order of Job's Daughters23
J & C Food Mart54
Jewett Ranch11
Jewett, Mr.11
Jim & Dianne54
Johnson Sr., Leland43
Johnson, Mrs. Grace26
Jose, I. C.14
Judd Jr., Mr. Hewitt29
Judd, Mrs. Jacqueline25, 29
Karl's Wrecker Service, Au Gres35
Keefer, Warren E.3
Keirns, Arlie34
Kennedy, John F.19
Kern, James14
Kitzman, Otto & Geraldine33
Kitzman's Flowers & Gifts, Standish33
Knaub, Fred Sr.3
Knaub, Mr. Fred28
Kolevar, Pearl38
Konrad, Louis C.2
Kraushaar, E. A.31
Kraushaar, Ernest3, 20
Kraushaar, Lewis & Irene45
Kubicek, Frederick43
Kus, Frank20
Lammy, Mrs. Pearl28
LaPorte Agency, Standish and AuGres37
Lappeus, George2
Leinaar, Ed18
Leinaar, L. E.31
Leinaar, L. L.31
Leinaar, Loyal E.2, 19
Leinaar, Loyal L.2, 7, 18
Leinaar, Mrs. Marie26
Leinaar, Roy C.2
Little, Irvin G.2
Lusk, George L.16
Lutz's Motel, Bakery, Restaurant & Funland,60
Ma's Restaurant, AuGres34
MacDonald, D. H.30
Macey, Mrs. Nell27
MacKenzie, Miss Bess27
MacKenzie, Miss Carrie27
MacKenzie, Mrs. Vera27
Mackinaw Bridge12
Macomber, C. H.15, 30
Macomber, Mr. Clarence27
Macomber, Mrs. Lizzie27
Madison, L. E.31
Madison, Larry E.2
Major, G.30
Major, M. E.30
Major, Wm.30
Malosh, Mr. Jerry28
Malosh, Mrs. Freida28
Marilyn's Hut43
Marko's Pizzeria and Game Room, AuGres38
Martin, Joseph16
Maser, P. G.31
Maser, Phillip G.2
Masonic Home15
Masonic Temple1
Masonic Temple Historic Registration20
McClavy, Earl18
McCormick, Mrs. Ruth26
McCready, H.31
McCready, Harry2, 4, 16, 17, 20, 21
McDonell, Mrs. Cora26
McDonnell, Angus10
McLauy, E. L.31
McPherson, Mr. David26
McPherson, Mrs. Eliza27
McTilly and Co.15
Meyer, Louis16
Meyette, Felix32
Michigan Center Railroad10
Migut, Sonny34
Miller, C.31
Miller, James H.2
Miller, Mr. Carman28
Miller, Mrs. Jessie28
Mincer, Mrs. Helen25
Miscisin Brothers Inc., Standish51
Moat-LaPorte Insurance, Twining37
Moffett, Mrs. Frances28
Monroe, Mrs. Ruth26
Moore Painting & Decorating43
Moore, Dan43
Moore, Ron43
Morris, Mrs. Jean25, 28
Mote, E. Lyndon20
Mote, E. Lyndon Jr.2
Moulthrop, Charles L.20, 21
Mouthrop, Charles7
Mudge, H.31
Mudge, James17
Mudge, R.31
Mules, Leland G.2
Murchinson, Mrs. Josephine27
Murchinson, N. D.30
Mureo, Mrs. Ruth27
Musser, Mrs. Helen25, 28
Mutch, J. O.43
Naismyth, James W.2
National Historic site21
Neff, Morten12
Nickell, Ray2
Nickerson, J.31
Nickerson, John2
Nixon's Coin Laundry, AuGres49
Noggle, C. W.31
Noggle, Clarence18
Noggle, Floyd19
Noggle, Harold C.20
Noggle, Hazel18
Noggle, Mr. Clarence28
Noggle, Mrs. Hazel26, 29
Northern Machine & Tool , Standish45
Nuttall Agency, Inc., Standish46
O'Connor, Jim41
O'Connor's Garage, AuGres41
OES Order of the Eastern Star14
Omer Fire 191416
Omer Hospital11, 17
Omer Lodge1, 5, 15, 16,
Omer Lodge No. 377 F. & A. M.10, 13, 41
Omer Masonic Lodge No. 37742
Omer Post Office35
Order of Amaranth24
Order of DeMolay23
Order of Eastern Star24
Order of Rainbow For Girls24
Parker, Mrs. Helen26
Patterson, Donald7, 20, 21
Patterson, James7, 20, 21
Paul, Clarence W.2
Payea Motel44
Payea, B.31
Payea, Dick & Jo44
Pelton, Philip & Mary Ann38
Pendred, Mrs. Dana Sue25
Pendred, Mrs. Joyce25, 29
Perlberg, Floyd16
Pestrue, Hardware43
Peterson, Otto18
Pettil, Mrs. Jane27
Petty, Ross H.2
Pockrandt, Bob53
Pockrandt's Sales & Service, AuGres53
Powrie, Stewart M.16
Pt. AuGres Marina & Campground35
Pushman, H.31
Pushman, Harold21
Pushman, Harold L.2
R. O. Savage Funeral Chapel, Standish42
Rahl, Mrs. Ida27, 28
Rainsburger, F. S.17
Ransome, Mr. John27
Ransome, Mrs. Bessie27
Ranson, J. J.30
Reed IGA Foodliner43
Reichle, Irvin E.2
Reichle, T. E.30, 31
Revere, Paul22
Rifle River9, 11, 12
Rifle River Boom11
Roe, J.30
Roosevelt, Franklin D.16
Rose Jr., Richard H.2
Rose, Mrs. Matilda27
Ross, A.31
Ross, Arthur E.2
Rossman, C. H.30, 27
Roth, C.31
Roth, Eugene W.2
Roth, Herbert L.2
Roth, Mrs. Minnie25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Rupp, E.30
Russell, John J.2
Ruthruff, J.31
Ruthruff, Jack19
Saginaw and Ausable State Road12
Savage, Mrs. Thelma26, 28
Savage, W. T.31
Schafer Chevrolet-Pontiac, Inc; Pinconning36
Schlanger, Mr. Harry27
Schrader, D. E.31
Schrader, Elton2, 4
Schroeder, George E.2
Schultz, Mrs. Dorothy26
Schultz, W. C.31
Schultz, Wm. C.20, 21
Schwab, Marvin H.54
Schwartz, Mrs. Alicke27
Scott, Mr. Estel29
Scott, Mrs. Betty29
Scottish Rite Masons23
Scully & Winter, Standish52
Scurlock, Levon2
Serens, J. E.31
Serens, W. H.30
Shaffer, Mrs. Helen Musser29
Shaver, Mrs. Isabel!27
Shrine Of North America23
Smith, Dr. D. T.11, 17
Smith, R. J.30
Sour, Willard19
Southworth, E.31
Stabler, Mrs. Helen27
Staley, Dr.17
Staley, Dr. Hugh11
Stamm's Furniture & Carpet, Standish54
Standish Auto Parts44
Standish Bakery Restaurant38
Standish Hardware32
Standish Milling Co., Inc.53
Standish Oil Co., Standish40
Standish Sporting Goods45
Stanley, Pete and Dennis51
State Bank of Standish; Standish, Linwood, Skidway Lake, Twining57
State Historical Marker20
Stawowy, Dennis44
Stevenson, W.30
Stiel, Mrs. Ethel26
Stone, Miss Mabel27
Stone, Orton19
Stone, W. O.30
Stover, Joe18
Straits of Mackinaw12
Strudgeon, Walter C.2
Swaffield, George W.3
Swainston, Mr. Richard26
Swainston, R. C.30
Tharp, Geone R.3
Tharp, George7
Tremble, Dewaine F.3
Triangle Market, Omer35
Trombley Auto Parts32
Twining Food Market37
Ullman, Mrs. Edna27, 28
Unger, Mrs. Agnes28
Unger's Pharmacy, Standish37
Upton, Claude16, 20
Vaughn, C.31
Vaughn, Carl F.11
Vaughn, Mr. Carl26, 28
Vaughn, Mrs. Irene26
Vicer, Dr.16
Village Pharmacy, AuGres49
Vincent, Mr. Charles26
Walker, Agency, Inc.53
Wallerstein, H. D.31
Wallerstein, Harry B.3
Wals, John C.3
Walters, Clarence7, 18
Walters, Clarence and Margaret41
Walters, Clarence F.3
Warren, F. A.30
Warren, Mrs. Edith27
Warren, Mrs. Rachel27
Warren, R. A.30
Warren, R. D.30
Warren, Roscoe D.16, 19
Washington, George22
Weaver, Mrs. Eva26
Wheeler's Restaurant38
Whipple, Mrs. Emma26
Whipple, Photo Service Inc., Standish45
White Shrine of Jerusalem24
Whittemore Lodge15, 21
Willett, Mrs. Thelma25
Williams Township9
Williams, "Soapy"22
Williams, B.31
Williams, Mrs. Estella25, 26, 28
Wilson, Henry A.24
Wilson, Henry A. Jr.8
Wiltse Chevrolet Oldsmobile Buick, Inc. Standish46
Wiltse's AuGres Hardware49
Worley, George & Alice44
Worley's Bar & Restaurant, Standish44
Wright Bros.19
Wyatt, Mr. Willard28
Wycoff, L.31
Wycoff, Loren3, 20
York Rite Masonry23