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Rifle River Centennial Sucker Festival, Omer Michigan, April 8, 9, 10, 1983. Contains schedule of events, Committee members, Omer history, logging history, sucker fishing and more.


Omer Rifle River Centennial Sucker Festival 1983
A & C Starter Co.11
Alumi Craft Inc.11
Arenac Abstract and Realty Co.15
Arenac County Courthouse6, 9
Arenac County Independent14
Arenac Exchange Bank9
Arenac Lanes16
AuGres Parts & Service16
AuGres True Value Hardware16
AuSable Broil19
Bay View Budget Bake18
Bell, Don4
Bonner, Frances4
Carscallen, George9
Cooks Corners Original18
Croquettes Isabella17
Detroit and Mackinaw Railroad9
Donnelly, William3
Ed & Betty Messersmith Printing16
Ennes Home Supply15
Ennes, Elsie15
Ennes, Lincoln15
Fire of 191410
Fitzgerald, Don15
Flowers, Chet16
Flowing Well10
Fred Jones Flea market and Auction11
Gleason, Pop (George)10
Gorrie, George I.9
Grace Episcopal Church9
Grand River Gambol18
Grist Mill9
Heinrich Lumber Company14
Hinds, Miss Amy Lynn4
Holland's I.G.A.15
Holland's IGA Foodliner12
Hunters Creek Home Fried17
Isaac, Dawn5
Johnson, Anne11
Johnson, George4
Johnson, George Jr.11
Johnson, Jennifer11
Johnson, Lyle11
Johnson, Maria11
Johnson, Mayor George11
Johnson, Pat11
Johnson, Teresa11
Joyce's Upholstery11
Keller, Mary4
Lily White Flour9
Lutz's Bait Shop14
Lutz's Bakery, Restaurant Motel Bait Shop15
Marron, Anne4
Marron, Kelly5
Martindale, J.E.10
Masonic Hall3, 10
McCormick, Ruth4
McDuffie Insurance16
Methodist Church9, 10
Michelle's Greenery12
Michigan Fishwich17
Michigan Paving Brick Company9
Mick's Body Shop11
Mitchell & Boutell Tugs7
Mohawk Landing18
Monroe, Michgian8
Morengo Mustard Magic17
Mulvahill, Flora4
National Register of Historic Places6
Omer History9, 10
Omer Lodge #377 F. and A.M.6
Omer Mill and Elevator Company10
Omer Roller Mill9, 10
Omer Roofing & Insulation Co.16
Ostrander, Cathy5
Pestrue, Don3
Pete's Shell11
Pickled Fish1
Pine River Tavern16
Pula, Helen1, 4
Pula's Market12
Reed's I.G.A. Foodliner16
Rifle River7
Rifle River Lumber Camp8
Rifle River Mills9
Riverbend Canoeing Camping11
Russell's Canoes Campground16
Sanch, Bob16
Sanch, Kay16
Satellite Receiving Systems13
Satkowiak, JoDee5
Schreck Lumber Company13
St. Edwards Church3
Stanley, Dennis15
Stanley, Pete15
State Bank of Standish14
State Historical Site6
Sterling, W. C.8
Tasty Frontier Fritters17
Tempo Tang18
The Elevator10
The Omer House9
The Omer Progress9
The Rifle River Boom Company8
Topp, William10
Triangle Market11
Tucker, Joan5
Tumblin, Bobbie4
Warren, Ida3
Wild Bill Wrecker Service11
Windle, George4