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One Room Country Schools, Arenac County, Michigan [Vol 1-4] by Marie Bauer & Friends of ACHS. Reprint 1992. Illustrations, maps, photos, names and information. Some schools have little information or illustrations. VOLUME 4 schools included are Delano, Laundrie, Noble, Pt Lookout, Riverside and Tonkey Road. An 8-1/2 x 11 inch map showing where the schools in the four volumes were located is available from the Bookstore.


One Room Country Schools Vol 4 (5 columns)
Albrecht, DevereDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Albrecht, DevereDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Albrecht, GloriaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Albrecht, GloriaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Anderson, CoraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Anderson, DorothyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Anderson, EstherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Anderson, John E.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Andrews, CarrieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Andrews, EdithDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Andrews, WinnieGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Andrews, WinnieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Armstrong, DickDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Ashley, MerleSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 213
Ashley, Merle R.Sch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 218
Avery, FloydDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Avery, HadneyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Avery, HattieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Avram, AnnaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Avram, Anna (Anderson)DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Avram, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Avram, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Avram, Julia (Chiori)DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Avram, Julia (Chiroi)DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Avram, PeterDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Avram, PeterDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Avram, RoseDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Bachelor, DeliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Badour, EarlDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, ElsaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, LoraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, MabelDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, MildredDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, MinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Badour, RoyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Bailey, DorisTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Baker, VernaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Banks, EmilyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Banks, GeraldDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Banks, LouiseDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Barton, HerbertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Bates, BillTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Bauer, MarieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Bauer, MarieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Baum, Adam1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Baum, Maggie6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Baum, Peter2nd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Baum, Willliam6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Bessinger, RuthDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Bills, JaniceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Bodrogian, JoanneDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Bolt, EdithTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Borovsky, FrankDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Bough, NellieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Bough, NellieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Bradley, E.InspectorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Britton, GenevieveDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Broadworth, ColinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Broadworth, DarleneDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Broadworth, JeanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Buffington, FrankGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Bugh, NellieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Burger, IsaacDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 225
Burger, IsaacDirectorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Burger, IsaacSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Burger, IssacDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Burger, RoseDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Burkito, W.K.InspectorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Burns, BerthaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Butts, BarbaraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Butts, CeliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Butts, HelenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Butts, JohnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Butts, LeonaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Butts, ThelmaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Cartright, DaySc. BdDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Cartright, DoyModeratorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 235
Cenadon, LillianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Chiroi, JackDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Chiroi, JohnSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 243
Chiroi, JuliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 240
Chiroi, JuliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 242
Cilley, FrancisDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Cilley, GraceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Cilley, MyrtleDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Cogswell, AdaTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Compau, FlossieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Compau, MaudeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Cook, AlphaGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Cook, EdithDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Cook, EthelGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Cook, JoeGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Cook, JosephDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Cook, MargueriteGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Cortright, DayDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Cortright, GenevieveGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Cortright, GenieveDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Crandle, LuellaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Cullip, ArthurSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 218
Daniels, BerthaTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Daniels, JuliaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Darbee, EvelynTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Darbee, MiltonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 238
Darbee, MinnieSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 218
Darbee, Mrs.Sch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 213
Darrah, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
David, WilliamDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 235
Davis, BessieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Davis, EdnaGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Davis, MaryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Davis, WilliamSch. BdDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Davis, WilliamDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Davis, WilliamSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Davis, Wm.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 226
Delano School District #2DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Delano, DellaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Delano, EzraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 222
Delano, EzraSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Delano, Mr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 225
Dice, GeorgeSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Dignman, GertrudeGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Dingman, JennieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Dingman, JohnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 226
Dingman, NealDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Dingman, RuthDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 238
Dittenber, DanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 247
Dittenber, EddieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 238
Dittenber, EdithTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Dittenber, EdithTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 15
Dittenber, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 256
Dittenber, Henry1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Dittenber, Johnny1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Dittenber, JuliaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Dittenber, JuliaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Dittenber, JuliaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Dittenber, JuliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 247
Dittenber, Julia DanielsDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Dittenber, Julia DanielsTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 234
Dittenber, MargaretDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 238
Dittenber, Peter1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Dittenber, PeterDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 252
Dittenber, PeterSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Dittenber, Phillip3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Doan, EdnaGrade 9DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Doan, EdwardGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Doan, HermanGrade 8DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Doan, RossGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Doane, EddieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Doane, EdnaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Doane, EllenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Doane, HermanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Doane, RossieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Duby, MyrtleDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Edmonds, KarenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Egerton, AdaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Ellison, BessDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Ellison, BessTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Ellison, BessSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Ellison, BessDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Ellison, BetseyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Ennes, CalDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Ennes, CalvinSuperin.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 216
Ennes, CalvinCty. Sup.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 218
Ennes, CalvinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 219
Ennes, CalvinTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Ennes, CalvinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 240
Ennes, CalvinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Ennes, Calvin B.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 256
Ennes, LincolnTeacherDelanoSims Dist. No. 14
Ennes, MaxDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Ennes, OliveDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Federspiel, FannyTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Felsing, LillianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Felsing, LillianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Felsing, LydiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Felsing, LydiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 251
Fica, Constantine JimDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Fica, JuliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Frank, GeorgeTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Frank, GeorgeTeacherPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 28
Freeland, A.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Freeland, AlmaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Freeling, Katharine1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Freeling, Lizzie1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Freeling, Peter3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Frey, ?DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 238
Frey, CharleyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Frey, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 225
Frey, MaudeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Frey, OliverDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Frey, OliverGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Gettel, EstherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Gibbon, LottieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Gilkey, EdithDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Gingerich, JoeSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Gingerich, JohnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Gingerich, SimonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Glasure, Mrs.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Gorrie, KittieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Goth, FrederickGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Goth, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Goth, LenaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Goth, LenaGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Goth, LuluDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Goth, LuluGrade 8DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Greanya, IrmaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Greanya, LeonaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Griffith, ClaudDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Griffith, ClaudeGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Griffith, D.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Griffith, D.Sch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Griffith, DeeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 222
Griffith, DeeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 225
Griffith, EmmetDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Griffith, LuluGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Hammond VernieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Hammond, VernieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Hanson, AnnaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Hanson, EmmaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Harding, AltaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Harding, OlaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Heinrich, BerthaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 253
Heinrich, BerthaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Heinrich, BerthaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Heinrich, Elizabeth5th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, EmelineTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Heinrich, EvelynDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 253
Heinrich, Henry4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, HerbDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Heinrich, HerbertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Heinrich, John6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, Johnny1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, Katharine6thgradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, Marie1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, Phillip7th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Heinrich, Phillip3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Hendrickson, BelleDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Hendrickson, FelixDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Herman, LenaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 213
Hill, MaryTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Hodsdon, JennieGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Hodson, CharlesDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Hodson, CharlesSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Howling, LottieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Hudson, CharlesDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 226
Humerickhouse, S.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Humerickhouse, SolomonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Humerickhouse, SolomonTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Jantzi, ElmerDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Jantzi, ElmerDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Jantzi, MatildaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Jantzi, MatildaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Jennings, FredDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Johnson, MattDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Kammerzell, EdwinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Kammerzell, EdwinDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Keeler, FlorenceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Kerr, ClarkDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Klische, FrancesDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
LaBarge, FaithTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
LaLonde, RuthDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Lambert, MissTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Landrie, AlexDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Landrie, AlexDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 242
Landrie, MameDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 242
Landrie, MamieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Lasure, EdithTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
LeBarge, FaithDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Lee, OscarDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 252
Lee, OscarSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Lees, FrankDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Letourneau, AlbertGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Letourneau, LouiseGrade 6DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Letourneau, LuellaGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Licoln, EzraGrade 8DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Lincoln, DessieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Lincoln, EzraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Lincoln, MinnieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Lincoln, PearlGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Lincoln, WalterDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Lincoln, WalterGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Lincoln, WilliamSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Lincoln, WilliamSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Lincoln, Wm.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 226
Littleton, FrancesTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Lobes, HenryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 256
Maddy, Dr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 219
Manchester, H.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Manchester, HenryTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Marble, NelsonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 252
Marble, NelsonSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Maser, Barbara3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Maser, Elizabeth6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Maser, Johnny1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Matt, AloysiousDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Matt, AloysiousGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Matt, EdwardGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Matt, MaryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Matt, StephenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Matt, StephenGrade 5DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Matt, WillieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Matt, WillieGrade 4DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Matuzak, MarthaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Matuzak, MarthaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
McDonald, JohnPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 211
McDonald, PaulPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 211
McKay Jessie, M.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
McKay, Jessie L.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 234
McKay, Jessie L.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 235
McKenzie, JennieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
McKenzie, MildredDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
McKnight, ElsieGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
McKnight, GertieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
McLean, Edna1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
McLean, Fannie1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
McLean, Frank8th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
McLean, Henry6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
McLean, PatSch.Off.Tonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
McLean, Susie8th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Mclnyre, HughPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 210
Mielock SteveDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Mielock, ClaraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Miller, AudreyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Miller, ChrisDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Miller, DwightDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Miller, JuniorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Miller, RogerDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
MinardDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Mitz, DorothyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Mitz, EleanorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Mitz, MyrtleDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Mitz, VernonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Molineaux, CharlesDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Nash, Mrs. Luella AndersonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 257
Nelson, BessieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Noble, MaudDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Nobles, RobertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Noffsinger, OwenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Nugent, EvaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Nusselt, LindyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Nusselt, LindyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Olar, BillDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Olar, NormanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Olar, VivianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Oliver, MinnieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Ostrander, Mrs.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Pake, HenryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Pake, HenrySch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Palmer, LillianTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Payea, IdaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Peake, HerbieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Pendred, AmyGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Pendred, ArchieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Pendred, CarolDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Pendred, EdithGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Pendred, EllenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Pendred, EthelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Pendred, Ethel Van HornTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Pendred, HerbDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Pendred, LynnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Pendred, ZellaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 212
Peska, GeorgeGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Peska, HowardGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Peska, JohnGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Peska, MedaGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Peterson, FredDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 222
Peterson, G. W.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 222
Peterson, Geo. W.Sch. BdDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Peterson, Geo. W.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Peterson, Geo. W.DirectorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 235
Peterson, George W.Sch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Petty, Dr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 219
Pictures, Misc.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 253
Pierce, Webster,S. of P. I.Point LookoutSims Dist. No. 28
Popejoy, NorrisSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 243
Reader, EditheTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Reed, LibleyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
Reed, M. J.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Reed, MufordTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Reichle, Carle5th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Reichle, Chas.Sch. Off.Tonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Reichle, Etta8th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Reichle, TheodoreSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 213
Renolds, NinaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Renslow, LydiaGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Roe, RollandTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Roeske, AmeliaTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Rohn, LillianTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Rolland, RusselDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Rollins, RusselTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Ross, MargieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Ross, MargieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Ross, MargieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Rudolph, EstherTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Ryland, Clara Bel4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Sanford, EvaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Sass, AnnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Sass, Constantine JackDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, DanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, Daniel Sr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, EmilDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, LeanaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, LencaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, MariaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, VictoriaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Sass, VirginiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 246
Schneider, Mr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Schonmeir, HaroldDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 253
Schrader, RalphDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Schrader, RalphDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Scott, Wm.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Scram Tommy1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Scram, Julia1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Seginantz, HelenDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Seginantz, JohnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Selden, ClaireDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Sesler, JesseDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 244
Seymour, MaudeTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Sharp, EarlTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Sherwood, MarieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Sherwood, MarieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Shotwell, A. A.InspectorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 221
Shotwell, Hazel3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Shotwell, Merrick4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Sibley, HattieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Sibley, JosiahDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Sibley, JosiahSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Sibley, K.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 228
Sibley, KateTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Sibley, KateDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Sibley, KateGrade 8DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Sibley, KateDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Sibley, LillianGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Sibley, LillianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Sibley, WillieGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Sly, MyronTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Smith, AugustaTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
Smith, AugustaTeacherPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 28
Smith, C. R.Sch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Smith, C. R.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Smith, C. R.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 226
Smith, ClaraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Smith, CorneliousSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Smith, EthelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 230
Smith, Ethel R.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Smith, LauraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Smith, LauraGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Smith, MildredGrade 2DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Smith, Mr.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Smith, RobbieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Smith, RobertGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Spencer, BerniceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Spencer, BerniceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Spencer, MaryeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Sproule, MaryTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Sproule, MaryTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Stone, MaryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Stoutenburg, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Stoutenburg, GraceGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Stoutenburg, HerbertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Stoutenburg, HerbertGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Stoutenburg, RobertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Stowell, NormanSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 243
Swartz, DanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 252
Swartz, DeloresDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Swartz, DonDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Swartz, GladysDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Swartz, GladysDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Swartz, MarianDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Swartz, MaryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Swartz, MaryDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Swartz, NaomiTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Swarz, DanSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Sweetman, R.Sch. Off.Tonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Taberski, DavidDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Thaut, DanDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Thaut, DanielDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Tolgo, GeorgeDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Tolgo, RobertDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 245
Trudo, Anna4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Trudo, Susie3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Trumble, BertieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Trumble, MatieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Tulloh, AliceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Tyler, JuliaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Umphrey, GraceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Umphrey, GraceGrade 2DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Van Deusen, GraceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Van Deusen, GraceDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Van Horn, BessieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Van Horn, HildaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Van Horn, NeilGrade 6DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Van Horn, WardGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Vance, Mrs.TeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Vane, Arlene BrownDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
VanHorn, EthelTeacherTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 14
VanHorn, EthelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Wagar, DellaGrade 7DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Wagar, ElwinGrade 2DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Wagar, IraGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Warren, RachelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 232
Warren, RachelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Warren, RachelTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 234
Warren, RachelSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 213
Warren, Rachel OliverTeacherPoint LookoutSims Dist. No. 210
Webster, AliceGrade 2DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Webster, DorothyGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Webster, MayDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Webster, T. E.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Webster, ThomasDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Webster, ThomasDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Webster, ThomasModeratorDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Webster, ThomasSch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Webster, ThomasSch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Webster, WillieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 236
Webster, WillieGrade 4DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Weeds, Mrs.Point LookoutSims Dist. No. 211
Weigandt, August1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Weigandt, Barbara1st gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Weigandt, George4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Weigandt, Henry6th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
weigandt, John2nd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
weigandt, Maggie3rd gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Weigandt, Peter4th gradeTonkey RoadSims Dist. No. 16
Wheeler, EssieTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 229
Wheeler, Miss JessieDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 249
White, JohnDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 258
Whitman, DessieGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Whitman, FaithTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Whitman, J. J.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 223
Whitman, M. J.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 224
Whitman, M. J.Sch. Off.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 227
Whitman, M. J.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 225
Whitman, WalterGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Widmayer, LydiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 252
Widmayer, LydiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Widmayer, LydiaTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Widmayer, RuthDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Widmeyer, LydiaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Williamson, Betty JaneDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 253
Williamson, Betty JaneDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Williamson, Betty JaneDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Williamson, IvaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Williamson, IvaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Williamson, NorineDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 254
Williamson, NorineDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 255
Willis, ErnestGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Willis, HenryGrade 3DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Willis, LymanGrade 1DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 237
Wilson, LeoTeacherDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 231
Wilson, Mrs. LeoDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 248
Wirthoff, CordeliaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Wright, BettyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Wright, DaleDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 239
Wright, HenrySch. Bd.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 233
Wurster, EvaDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Yenior, 0. P.DelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Yenior, DoraDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241
Yenior, PlinyDelanoWhitney Dist. No. 241