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One Room Country Schools, Arenac County, Michigan [Vol 1-4] by Marie Bauer & Friends of ACHS. Reprint 1992. Illustrations, maps, photos, names and information. Some schools have little information or illustrations. VOLUME 1 schools included are Adams, Alger, Arenac, Cedar Valley, Elm Grove, Hickory Island, Moffatt, Maple Grove, Moores Junction, Santiago, Town Hall & West Alger. An 8-1/2 x 11 inch map showing where the schools in the four volumes were located is available from the Bookstore.


One Room Country Schools Vol 1 (5 columns)
NameInformationSchool NameTownship/DistrictPage
Adams SchoolAdamsAdams Dist. No. 36
Adams, VirginiaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Adamski, StellaMaple GroveArenac15
Adamski, Stella DanielsMaple GroveArenac15
Alger SchoolAlgerMoffatt61
Alger School drawingAlgerMoffatt63
Alger, Mrs. JohnMoffattMoffatt67
Allen, JamesCedar ValleyMason48
Allen, Jean S.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Allen, Mae BlackTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Allen, Sadie RedmondWest AlgerMoffatt70
Anderjeske, JamesMaple GroveArenac15
Angel, BerthaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Angel, BerthaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Angel, GertrudeArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Angel, GertrudeArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Angel, LewisArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Angel, LouisArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Angel, ShermanSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Angel, ShermanSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Annual ReportElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 532-37
Arenac SchoolArenacArenac Dist. No. 221
Armstrong, EdithTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Armstrong, Edith PomeroyWest AlgerMoffatt70
Armstrong, JesseAlgerMoffatt62
Armstrong, OpalTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Armstrong, SelenaHickory IslandArenac41
Arnold, FloydMaple GroveArenac15
Arnold, Wm. HDist. BoardMaple GroveArenac18
Bachleda, BernardMaple GroveArenac16
Badour, HildredHickory IslandArenac41
Badour, HildredHickory IslandArenac42
Baker, LelaMoffattMoffatt66
Barnes, FannyTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Barr, StephenCedar ValleyMason55
Bashare, MayneSantiagoTurner59
Basney, ChristineCedar ValleyMason51
Basney, ValerieCedar ValleyMason51
Bauer, MarieElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 528
Bauer, MarieTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Baxter, DonaldCedar ValleyMason55
Baxter, KatieCedar ValleyMason55
Baxter, MaryTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 15
Baxter, MaryCedar ValleyMason55
Baxter, Mary M.TeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Beechum, DaleCedar ValleyMason51
Beechum, DorothyCedar ValleyMason51
Beehum, MelvinCedar ValleyMason51
Bell, GeraldineAlgerMoffatt62
Bendzinski, LarryMaple GroveArenac19
Bendzinski, TommyMaple GroveArenac16
Bendzinski, TonyMaple GroveArenac16
Bennett, CeliaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Bergeron, Laura W.TeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Berlin, MinnieTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Berry, EugeneHickory IslandArenac46
Berry, EvaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, EvaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, FloydArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Berry, HelenArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Berry, HowardArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, HowardArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Berry, OrvalArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Berry, OrvilleArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bessinger, Ethel F.TeacherSantiagoTurner57
Bishop, Mildred B.AlgerMoffatt62
Biskner, FlorenceMaple GroveArenac15
Black, GoldieCedar ValleyMason55
Black, MaeTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Bolt, MargaretMaple GroveArenac15
Bond, JohnCedar ValleyMason55
Borovsky, FrankHickory IslandArenac41
Bourgeois, Irma S.MoffattMoffatt66
Bradley, BillCedar ValleyMason48
Bradley, FrancisCedar ValleyMason55
Bradley, OscarCedar ValleyMason55
Brainard, Homer W.Hickory IslandArenac43
Brainard, Homer W.Hickory IslandArenac44
Bratfisch, AnnaCedar ValleyMason55
Brazon, LouiseMaple GroveArenac19
Brazon, MonicaMaple GroveArenac16
Brazon, PaulaMaple GroveArenac19
Briggs, GraceCedar ValleyMason55
Briggs, JamesTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Briggs, JamesCedar ValleyMason55
Brookins, Mrs.Cedar ValleyMason49
Browne, BarbaraTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Browne, Grace N.TeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Bruce, GeorgeCedar ValleyMason55
Bryan, AlbertAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Bryan, NilevarrAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Bryan, PearlAlgerMoffatt62
Bryan, PearlWest AlgerMoffatt70
Bugh, ArthurArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, HenryArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, LloydArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, LucyArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, StellaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Bugh, VioliaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Burnside, FloydSantiagoTurner59
Carpenter, RuthCedar ValleyMason55
Caton, JohnArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Caverly, MarshallCedar ValleyMason55
Caverly, WilburCedar ValleyMason55
Cedar Valley SchoolCedar ValleyMason47
Chapman, MarionSantiagoTurner59
Chapman, WardSantiagoTurner59
Christie, AgnesTeacherSantiagoTurner59
Christie, HazelCedar ValleyMason49
Clark, CharlesCedar ValleyMason48
Clark, WillieCedar ValleyMason49
Clayton, C. W.Cedar ValleyMason49
Clayton, WesleyCedar ValleyMason49
Coates, LucyHickory IslandArenac41
Corey, ClydeCedar ValleyMason55
Corey, GeorgeCedar ValleyMason55
Corey, WalterCedar ValleyMason55
Corneil, HaroldArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Corneil, OliveArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Cornell, HaroldArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Cornell, OliveArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Curtis, ?Cedar ValleyMason51
Custis, RobertTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Daniels, AnnaTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Daniels, HelenWest AlgerMoffatt71
Daniels, JoeWest AlgerMoffatt71
Daniels, MikeWest AlgerMoffatt71
Daniels, PeterWest AlgerMoffatt71
Daniels, RoseWest AlgerMoffatt71
Daniels, StellaMaple GroveArenac12
Daniels, StellaMaple GroveArenac15
Dawson, LauraArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Day, DissieSantiagoTurner59
Day, GeorgeSantiagoTurner59
Day, OtisSantiagoTurner59
Decker, RoyArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Deford, BennieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Deford, GraceArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Deford, LavinaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
DeLosh, CecilSantiagoTurner59
DeLosh, ElsieSantiagoTurner59
DeLosh, RaymondSantiagoTurner59
Demarse, AnthonyArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Demarse, JoeArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Demarse, LouiseArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Demarse, MaryArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Devinney, Mrs. JackAlgerMoffatt62
Dibble, ThelmaAlgerMoffatt62
DietzelFamiliesCedar ValleyMason54
Dinsmore, Lillian A.TeacherCedar ValleyMason55
Dora, Helen, M.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Doran, GeorgeCedar ValleyMason51
Doran, JohnCedar ValleyMason51
Doran, KathrynCedar ValleyMason51
Dub, Myrtle P.TeacherSantiagoTurner57
Dunn, DonaldWest AlgerMoffatt71
Dunn, DorisWest AlgerMoffatt71
Dunn, Jack (Judge) & EllaWest AlgerMoffatt70
Dunn, LeonardWest AlgerMoffatt71
Dunn, Maggie McCauleyWest AlgerMoffatt70
Dupuis, BabelTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Dyer, ViolaTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Edmonds, GladysArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Egerton, Ada B.TeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
eishuhn, HarryCedar ValleyMason55
Elm Grove SchoolElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 528
Elm Grove School About 1918Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 530
Ennes, LincolnTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Evans,AdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Evans, DeloresAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Fales, JennieSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Federspiel, EllenTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Federspiel, JessSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Feet, CarolWest AlgerMoffatt71
Feet, RossWest AlgerMoffatt71
Felske, Mrs.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 538
Felske, Mrs.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 539
Felske, NellieElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 535
Firth, BellaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 39
Firth, Bella (Larson)TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Firth, Jessie (Larson)TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Flaws, GwendolynCedar ValleyMason49
ForroFamiliesCedar ValleyMason54
Fostin, AlfordArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Fostin, ElsieArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Fostin, ElsieArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Fostin, JennieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Fostin, LenaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Fostin, WillieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Fox, JosephSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Franklin, HelenAlgerMoffatt62
Fritts, AsaCedar ValleyMason55
Fritts, BessieCedar ValleyMason55
Fritts, GraceCedar ValleyMason55
Fritts, WillieCedar ValleyMason55
Fritts, WillieCedar ValleyMason55
Fritz, BessieHickory IslandArenac41
Frizzle, MargaretAlgerMoffatt62
Frizzle, NoraCedar ValleyMason55
Fuller, BernardArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Fuller, EuniceTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Fuller, WillieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Garrity, GraceAlgerMoffatt62
Garrity, GraceWest AlgerMoffatt71
Garrity, TomWest AlgerMoffatt71
Gates, CharlesArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Gates, MinnieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Gawne, SarahTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Gay, BillyCedar ValleyMason51
Gay, LeonardCedar ValleyMason51
Gay, NeilCedar ValleyMason51
Gidley, JohnTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Girard, AgnesArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Girard, EmmaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Girard, IdaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Glasure, George H.Hickory IslandArenac42
Glover, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Glover, JuneArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Glover, JuneArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Goodroe, GlenTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Goodroe, LeonaMaple GroveArenac15
Greanea, ErmaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Greanea, FloydArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Greanea, IreneArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Greanea, OrvalArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Greanya, CliffordArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Greanya, ErmaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Greanya, FloydArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Greanya, GoldieMaple GroveArenac15
Greanya, GolkieTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Greanya, HaroldHickory IslandArenac41
Greanya, IreneArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Greanya, LeonaTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Greanya, OrvilleTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Greanya, OrvilleArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Greanya, OrvilleHickory IslandArenac41
Greanyea, AmeliaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Greanyea, BertArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Greanyea, OrtyArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Green, LorinArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Green, LundyArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Green, MaudArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Gringerich, SimonTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Haas, ClareMoffattMoffatt67
Haas, ClareWest AlgerMoffatt72
Haas, Dora (Yenoir, Logan)Submitted byAdamsAdams Dist. No. 36
Hamilton, ErmaAlgerMoffatt62
Hamilton, Grace GarrityWest AlgerMoffatt70
Hamilton, Grace GarrityWest AlgerMoffatt70
Hanggi, FloraTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Hanley, ElsieMaple GroveArenac15
Harding, AltaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Harding, AlvaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Harding, loneArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Harding, OlaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Harding, OlaTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Hardy, HowardSantiagoTurner59
Hardy, MyrtleSantiagoTurner59
Hartwick, IdaCedar ValleyMason55
Hartwick, MarianTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Hartwick, VivianWest AlgerMoffatt70
Hasty, EarlTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Hasty, JuliaTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Hasty, JuliaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Hasty, JuliaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 39
Hasty, Mrs. HazelTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Hasty, NellieTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Hayes, RalphTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Hickory Island SchoolHickory IslandArenac40
History of Maple Grove SchoolMaple GroveArenac12
Holland, RoyTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Holland, RoyTeacherSantiagoTurner57
HouckFamiliesCedar ValleyMason54
Howey, LyliaTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Howey, Sylvia, (Bryan)TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Humerickhouse, RachelTeacherHickory IslandArenac46
Ireland, Tola D.TeacherSantiagoTurner57
Jackson, GirlSantiagoTurner59
JanishFamiliesCedar ValleyMason54
Janish, ElizabethSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Janish, Elizabeth WeishuhnCedar ValleyMason53
Janish, MarieTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Jed, MaryWest AlgerMoffatt71
Jedrzejczyk (sp) MikeWest AlgerMoffatt71
Jennings, FredTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Jennings, HarryTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Johnson, Carrie G.TeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Johnston, Grace JoseElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 528
Johnston, MaryMaple GroveArenac15
Jones, Olga AnnaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Jose, EmilySchool Bd.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Jurek,Maple GroveArenac19
Kaven, IdaElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 535
Keeler, Fred L.Hickory IslandArenac42
Keener, Mary LouiseVisitorMaple GroveArenac16
Keeney, SylviaAlgerMoffatt62
Keeney, SylviaMoffattMoffatt66
Keeney, SylviaWest AlgerMoffatt70
Kerin, GertrudeMaple GroveArenac15
Kerin, Mrs. J.AlgerMoffatt62
Kerr, Carol T.AlgerMoffatt62
Kerr, ClarkHickory IslandArenac41
Kerr, ClarkAlgerMoffatt62
Kerr, ClarkMoffattMoffatt66
Kerr, FredSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Kerr, James D.Dist. BoardAdamsAdams Dist. No. 310
Kerr, Mrs. CoraSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Kinch, OtieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Kindig, Mrs. MariettaMoffattMoffatt66
King, RaymondCedar ValleyMason55
Klein Sr., LouisSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Kline, HelenTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Knowle, LornsSantiagoTurner59
Knowles, EdithSantiagoTurner59
Kowalczyk, ConnieMaple GroveArenac19
Kowalski, JanetteMaple GroveArenac16
Kowalski, JanetteMaple GroveArenac19
Koyl, AlfriettaCedar ValleyMason49
La Roux, CecilSantiagoTurner59
La Roux, WilkeSantiagoTurner59
LaBarge, ErmaMaple GroveArenac15
LaBarge, MaeMaple GroveArenac15
Labean, DorseyHickory IslandArenac46
Labean, EloiseHickory IslandArenac46
Labean, GloriaHickory IslandArenac46
Labean, HelenHickory IslandArenac46
Labean, MaryHickory IslandArenac46
LaBrosse, PhilipArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
LaGrantCedar ValleyMason48
LaLonde, ElizabethMaple GroveArenac15
LaLone, AlleneMoffattMoffatt66
Langdon, GuyArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Langdon, JosieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Lawrence, ColmanCedar ValleyMason55
Lawrence, IvanCedar ValleyMason55
Lawrence, JennieTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Lenaric, Thelma DibbleWest AlgerMoffatt70
Lenaric, Thelma DibbleWest AlgerMoffatt72
Lenarsic, Thelma DibbleTeacherWest AlgerMoffatt71
Lenarsic, Thelma DibbleWest AlgerMoffatt72
Lenarsie, Mrs. ThelmaAlgerMoffatt62
Lenarsie, Mrs. ThelmaWest AlgerMoffatt72
Lenehan, WalterMaple GroveArenac15
Lenehan, WalterMoffattMoffatt66
Lentz, CharlesTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Lentz, Mabel A.Hickory IslandArenac43
Lentz, Mabel A.Hickory IslandArenac44
Lewis, PearlCedar ValleyMason55
Little, EdithAlgerMoffatt62
Little, EvaMoffattMoffatt66
Littleton, ClariceMaple GroveArenac15
Littleton, JosephDist. BoardMaple GroveArenac18
Littleton, MayTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 310
Littleton, MayTeacherMaple GroveArenac18
Littleton, Mrs. FrancesTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Lucas, Mrs. IdaSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Lutze, GladysAlgerMoffatt62
Lysogorski, Ed.Maple GroveArenac19
Lysogorski, LeonardMaple GroveArenac16
Lysogorski, LeonardMaple GroveArenac19
Lysogorski?, EdwardMaple GroveArenac16
Lysogorski?, EdwardMaple GroveArenac16
MacKenzie, MildredHickory IslandArenac41
Major, MartinArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Manchester, F. H.Dist. BoardMaple GroveArenac18
March, AnnaCedar ValleyMason49
Marsh, EleanorTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Marshall, HazelTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Marshall, Wm.Bd. of Ed.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 535
Marvin, MaggieCedar ValleyMason55
Matuzak, HarryTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Matuzak, MarthaTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Mavis, Beatrice V.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
McClean, NormanSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
McGillivary, LuellaMoffattMoffatt66
McKenzie, BessieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
McKenzie, CarrieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
McKenzie, JennieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
McKenzie, LillieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
McKenzie, VeraMaple GroveArenac15
McLean, EdnaTeacherSantiagoTurner57
McMillan, GraceTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
McMillan, JohnCedar ValleyMason48
McSpadin, AlexArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
McSpadin, AmosArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
McSpadin, AmosArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
McSpadin, EsterArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
McSpadin, FrankArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
McSpadin, FrankArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Meyetter, Mrs. MarilynnTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Miller, AllenMaple GroveArenac16
Milne, EvelynTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Moffatt SchoolMoffattMoffatt65
Molineaux, MarianHickory IslandArenac41
Moore, LorettaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Moore's Junction SchoolMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 13
Morley, Mrs. LawrenceWest AlgerMoffatt70
Mudge, DavidSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 225_
Mudge, DavidSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Mudge, RayTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Mudge, RayArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Mudge, RayArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Mudge, RayTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Nagy, Barbara B.TeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Nagy, EvelynMoffattMoffatt66
Neiman, LeonardMaple GroveArenac15
Neiman, ZedaMaple GroveArenac15
Netzloff, RuthAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Newlove, LuluCedar ValleyMason55
Newlove, MabelCedar ValleyMason55
Niggeman, C. H.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 538
Niggeman, C. H.Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 539
Nisbet, MargaretTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Norris, KathrynAlgerMoffatt62
Nowak, Irene G.TeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Nowak, WalterTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Nowak, WalterTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Nowak, WalterTeacherSantiagoTurner58
Nuttall, EdithTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Nuttall, WillieCedar ValleyMason55
O'Brien, MaeTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Oliver, EmmaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Oliver, MaryArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Oliver, RachelArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Oros, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Oros, GeorgeArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Oros, SteveArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Oros, SteveArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Osier, AllenMaple GroveArenac16
Osier, Allen ?Maple GroveArenac19
Osier?, KathyMaple GroveArenac16
Osier?, KathyMaple GroveArenac16
Ousterhout, AlmaTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Packard, EvaHickory IslandArenac41
Palmateer, EdithCedar ValleyMason55
Palmateer, EdnaCedar ValleyMason55
Palmateer, MyronCedar ValleyMason55
Palmer, LuluArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Palmer, WaltonArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Parker, M. F.TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Patterson, BuellCedar ValleyMason55
Patterson, IreneCedar ValleyMason55
Patton, JamesSantiagoTurner59
Patton, PearlSantiagoTurner59
Payea, EugeneArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Payea, FrankArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Payea, GraceArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Payea, JamesArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Payea, JamesArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Payea, RichardArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Payne, CarlHickory IslandArenac46
Payne, ChristinaHickory IslandArenac46
Pearsall, AliceHickory IslandArenac42
Pearsall, AliceHickory IslandArenac43
Pearsall, AliceHickory IslandArenac44
Pearsall, Grace PayeaTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 223
Pennock, LeEttaMoffattMoffatt66
Perrin, EthelSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Picket, GraceTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
PictureMaple GroveArenac20
PictureElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 530
PictureCedar ValleyMason50
Picture - Cedar Valley SchoolCedar ValleyMason52
Picture of StudentsMaple GroveArenac17
Picture of StudentsArenacArenac Dist. No. 223
Picture of StudentsAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Picture of Students - 1916AdamsAdams Dist. No. 39
Pictures Misc.Moore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 15
Pictures Misc.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 227
Piotrowski, EdwardMaple GroveArenac15
Pomeroy, EdithTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Pomeroy, EdithAlgerMoffatt62
Pomeroy, MaryTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Porter, MinnieTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Porter, OliverTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Price, RuthTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Pula, SandyMaple GroveArenac16
Pula, SandyMaple GroveArenac19
Pulau, SueMaple GroveArenac19
Ray, ClydeHickory IslandArenac41
Raymond, LorraineMaple GroveArenac16
Raynak, HarrietAlgerMoffatt62
Raynak, HarrietMoffattMoffatt66
ReceiptsElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 531
Redmond, KatherineWest AlgerMoffatt70
Redmond, Mande (Maude)MoffattMoffatt67
Redmond, Miss Mande (Maude)West Al. erMoffatt72
Redwitz, Laura ?Elm GroveArenac Dist. No. 530
Redwitz, LaurieTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Reed, Geraldine W.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Restainer Childs, FrancesMaple GroveArenac15
Restainer, DavidArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Restainer, EvaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Restainer, EvaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Restainer, HebertArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Restainer, HerbertArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Restainer, WillieArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Rhontsong, KatherineMoffattMoffatt67
Rippenbark, RuthanneCedar ValleyMason51
Rippenbark, VirginiaCedar ValleyMason51
Robinson, RuthTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Rockafellow, H. E.School Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Rockafellow, Henry E.Dist. BoardAdamsAdams Dist. No. 310
Roe, MarthaArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Romany, EffieWest AlgerMoffatt71
Ross, RaymondTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Rowe, AlmaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 39
Rowe, Alma (Firth)TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Rowe, CharlesSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Rowe, RaymondArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Ruse,Maple GroveArenac19
Ruse, ?Maple GroveArenac19
Ruse, HenryMaple GroveArenac16
Ruse, JohnMaple GroveArenac16
Ruse, JudyMaple GroveArenac16
Ruse, TommyMaple GroveArenac16
Santiago SchoolSantiagoTurner56
Schultz, MarthaTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Schultz, PhyllisMaple GroveArenac16
Schuster, ClaraHickory IslandArenac41
Scott, ElmerSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Scott, Mrs. Wm.TeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Scott, WilliamHickory IslandArenac41
Scott, Wm.TeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Seams, RusselArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Seder, InezTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Seder, JoyceMoffattMoffatt66
Seder, MelvinCedar ValleyMason49
Seder, Mr. MelvinCedar ValleyMason51
Seder, Mrs. SusanMoffattMoffatt66
Seder, SusieMoffattMoffatt66
Serens, AgnesMaple GroveArenac15
Serens, AgnesTeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Serens, RusselArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Setlak, BeverlyMaple GroveArenac16
Setlak, BuddyMaple GroveArenac16
Setlak, CarlMaple GroveArenac19
Setlak, KarenMaple GroveArenac16
Setlak, Sue AnnMaple GroveArenac16
Seymour, LolaTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Shambleau, AlexSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Shanks, MargaretCedar ValleyMason51
Shannon, Clarice L.Maple GroveArenac15
Shepard, AllisonMoffattMoffatt66
Shepard, LelaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Shotwell, BuelahSantiagoTurner59
Simpson, EdithCedar ValleyMason55
Simpson, OliveCedar ValleyMason55
Simpson, PercyCedar ValleyMason55
Sipe, BettyAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Sipe, Jr.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Sischo, ColmanCedar ValleyMason55
Sivic, NickMaple GroveArenac15
Sivier, JohnTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Smith, Darlene W.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Smith, EverettAlgerMoffatt62
Smith, FredCedar ValleyMason55
Smith, HenryCedar ValleyMason48
Smith, MabelCedar ValleyMason55
Smith, MamieCedar ValleyMason55
Smith, MyraCedar ValleyMason55
Sonnenberg, EmilSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Sonnenbert, MargaretTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Spencer, BerniceAlgerMoffatt62
Spencer, ClarissaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Spencer, LeonardAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Spencer, RosemaryAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Steepe, ErnestArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Steepe, ForrestArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Steeps, WellingtonArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Steffenson, DeliaTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Steffenson, DeliaElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 539
Stevensoh, CassieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Stevenson, ClaudArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stevenson, DorothyArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stevenson, FlorenceArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stevenson, FlorenceArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Stevenson, GlenArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Stevenson, LeslieArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Stevenson, LeslieArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stevenson, ViolaArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Stevenson, ViolaArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stevenson, WarrenArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stierman, MargaretSantiagoTurner59
Stone, MaryHickory IslandArenac41
Stover, DorisArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Stover, DorisArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Stuart, QueenArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Sullivan, BlancheTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Surmann, PatriciaMoffattMoffatt66
Tarnosky, JohnBd. of Ed.SantiagoTurner58
Tawns, FloraSantiagoTurner59
Templin, FernWest AlgerMoffatt71
Tomaszewski, AliceMaple GroveArenac15
Tomaszewski, AliceTeacherMaple GroveArenac16
Tomaszewski, Alice (Pearsall)TeacherMaple GroveArenac19
Tomaszewski, Alice PearsallHickory IslandArenac41
Tomaszewski, Alice PearsallHickory IslandArenac40
Town Hall SchoolCedar ValleyMason53
Towns, BeatriceSantiagoTurner59
Trask, LoaTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Trask, LoaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 39
Treichel, AltaAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Tremble, ?Hickory IslandArenac43
Tremble, RoseHickory IslandArenac46
Tulloch or BendzinskiMaple GroveArenac19
Tulloch, GeorgeMaple GroveArenac16
Tulloch, NedMaple GroveArenac16
Tulloch, NedMaple GroveArenac19
Tulloch, PatsyMaple GroveArenac16
Tulloch, WilliamHickory IslandArenac41
Tulloch, Wm.TeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Turner, FredCedar ValleyMason48
Twining, FredCedar ValleyMason48
Ullman, DorothyAlgerMoffatt62
Unger, Agnes S.Maple GroveArenac15
Unger, Agnes S.TeacherArenacArenac Dist. No. 222
Upton, ClaudeMaple GroveArenac15
Valley, ArdithAlgerMoffatt62
VanHorn, BessTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Vaughn, CarlCedar ValleyMason49
Vaughn, CarlAlgerMoffatt62
Vaughn, IreneMaple GroveArenac15
Vaughn, MurlinCedar ValleyMason49
Vernior, DoraTeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 311
Viele, HarrisonCedar ValleyMason47
Viele, HarrisonCedar ValleyMason49
Viele, HarrisonTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Vowels, EvelynAlgerMoffatt62
Walker, Mrs.CookCedar ValleyMason51
Walters, LenoraMoffattMoffatt66
Warner, LewisTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Warren, Mrs. RachelTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Warren, SarahTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Weishuhn, BlancheCedar ValleyMason55
Weishuhn, BruceCedar ValleyMason51
Weishuhn, DorothyCedar ValleyMason51
Weishuhn, GayleCedar ValleyMason51
Weishuhn, GertieCedar ValleyMason55
Weishuhn, JimCedar ValleyMason51
Weishuhn, LauraTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Weishuhn, OpalCedar ValleyMason51
Weishuhn, RessaCedar ValleyMason55
Weishuhn, WalterCedar ValleyMason55
West Alger SchoolWest AlgerMoffatt69
WhippleFamiliesCedar ValleyMason54
Whipple, CharlesSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
Whipple, EdithTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Whipple, EmmaTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Whipple, EstherTeacherCedar ValleyMason54
Whipple, HermanSchool Bd.Cedar ValleyMason54
White, Ruth G.AlgerMoffatt62
White, Ruth GarrityWest AlgerMoffatt70
Williams, BelleArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Williams, BertArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Williams, BertArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Williams, BillCedar ValleyMason51
Williams, EdithArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Williams, GarnetTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Williams, IraArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Williams, KayCedar ValleyMason51
Williams, LarryCedar ValleyMason51
Williams, LillieArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Williams, RoseCedar ValleyMason47
Williams, RoyArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Williams, WalterArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Williamson, AnnaSantiagoTurner59
Williamson, NellieSantiagoTurner59
Williamson, VioletSantiagoTurner59
Williamson, WalterSantiagoTurner59
Wilson, AgnesAlgerMoffatt62
Wilson, CarrieCedar ValleyMason55
Wilson, JennieCedar ValleyMason55
Woldring, LarryHickory IslandArenac46
Wright, Ivah DunnWest AlgerMoffatt70
Wyatt, ArthurArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Wyatt, ArthurArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Wyatt, FloydMoffattMoffatt66
Wyatt, GeraldTeacherElm GroveArenac Dist. No. 529
Wyatt, HarrietArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Wyatt, JoeArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Wyatt, JosephSch. Off.ArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Wyatt, MauriceArenacArenac Dist. No. 224
Wyatt, MyrtleTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Wyatt, MyrtleArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Wyatt, MyrtleTeacherSantiagoTurner57
Wyatt, WillardArenacArenac Dist. No. 225
Wyatt, WillardArenacArenac Dist. No. 226
Yarger, EllenTeacherMoore's JunctionAdams Dist. No. 14
Yenior, Dora (Logan, Haas)TeacherAdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Yenior, Mrs. MatildaSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Yenior, OrvilleSchool Bd.AdamsAdams Dist. No. 38
Zed, HelenWest AlgerMoffatt71