In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

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NOTE: Pages 23-25 is a list of only names, no other information.

NOTE on Dog Tax: Legislated on 12 May 1846, if an owner could be found for a dog, the owner was assessed a tax of “not more than one dollar” and “not more than two dollars” for each additional dog. The fees went into a fund to cover “the destruction of sheep by dogs.” If a dog remained unclaimed or if required fees were not paid, the dog could be destroyed. — From Green, S., 1846. The Revised Statutes of the State of Michigan, passed and approved May 18th, 1846. Detroit: Bagg & Harmon, p.201. Online book.  ( : accessed 18 May 2022).


Au Gres Assessment Roll 1915
Allen, A. A.4
Allen, A. A. (Dog Tax)12
Allen, Alfred23
Allen, Carl (Dog Tax)12
Allen, Mrs. Myrtle (Dog Tax)12
Armbruster, John23
Armstrong, Mrs.10
AuGres State Bank8
AuGres State Bank23
AuGres State Bank24
Badour, Angus5
Badour, Bob6
Badour, Frank P.3
Badour, J____ (Dog Tax)12
Badour, Spencer8
Badour, Spencer11
Badour, Spencer23
Badour, Will1
Badour, Will (Dog Tax)12
Badour, Wm.24
Baum, Andrew9
Baum, Andrew10
Bay City Michigan Sugar Co.10
Brockenbury, B. (Dog Tax)12
Brown, George24
Brown, Tom10
Burnside, G. A.7
Catholic Church2
Catholic Church25
City Park9
City Park23
Cole and Grimore10
Cole and Petty7
Cole and Petty8
Cole and Petty8
Cole and Petty10
Cole and Sproul23
Cole Grimore Mercantile3
Cole Grimore Mercantile9
Cole, Alberta23
Cole, E. G.2
Cole, E. G.6
Cole, E. G.7
Cole, E. G.8
Cole, E. G.9
Cole, E. G.11
Cole, E. G. (Dog Tax)12
Cole, Sproule and Petty8
Columbia Sugar Co.23
Consumers Power Co.23
Crawford, Edd23
Cross, John and Louise24
Cullip, May25
Cullip, Mrs. Walter3
D&M R. R. Co.24
Day, Nathan3
Dougherty, Charles4
Dougherty, Everitt5
Dougherty, Mrs. Stella4
Dragomer, Akem23
Dragomer, Akem25
Duby, Jack (Dog Tax)12
Duby, John8
E. B. Mueller Chickory Co.10
E. G. Cole Estate24
E. G. Cole Estate25
Elliott, Arthur6
Elliott, Mrs. John3
Ennes, Calvin24
Federal Land Bank of St, Paul23
Federal Land Bank of St. Paul25
Frank Chicory Co.10
Frank, Dan25
Frank, Harry24
Frank, John24
Freeland, Olonzo8
Freeland, Olonzo (Dog Tax)12
Gardner, Joe24
German American Sugar Co,10
Good, Sam1
Good, Sam2
Grimore, James2
Grimore, James8
Haman, Mrs.7
Harrington, Mrs.3
Harwood, Mrs.7
Herman and Johnson24
Herman, Gust (Dog Tax)12
Hill, W. A.9
Hotel ????8
Hudson, Arnie3
I.O.O. F.25
I.O.O. F. Hall2
Jennings, Alfred7
Jennings, Alfred24
Jennings, Ch.9
Jennings, Ch.25
Jennings, Harry and Augusta23
Johnson, Herman6
Kawkawlin Bean and Grain24
Lake, Grace25
Larry, William9
Lisk, Andrew23
M. E, Church25
M. E. Church3
M. E. Parsonage8
M. E. Parsonage23
Macabre, Ladz23
Machin, Mrs.3
Mackin Estate24
Marsh, Harry1
Marsh, Harry24
Marsh, Harry (Dog Tax)12
Marsh, Harry Sr.25
Maser, John25
McCourt, Will6
McDougal, Mrs.25
McDougall, S_____ 7
McGregor, James11
McGregor, Jos.5
McGregor, Jos. (Dog Tax)12
McLean, Arthur25
Mic, Tony23
Michigan Pickle Co.10
Michigan Sugar Co.24
Moran, Bert8
Mudge Mary8
Mudge, Lillian24
Mudge, Mary6
Mudge, Mrs. (Dog Tax)12
Mutart, Mrs. Louis4
Nelson, Mrs. W.24
Nickless, Wm.23
Noggle, H. C.23
Noggle, H. C.23
Noggle, H. C.24
Noggle, H. C.25
Olson, (Dog Tax)12
Paradise, Bert4
Paradise, Bert8
Paradise, Bert24
Paradise, Bert25
Petty, J. R.2
Petty, J. R.3
Petty, J. R.6
Petty, J. R.7
Petty, J. R.10
Petty, J. R.11
Petty, J. R.23
Petty, J. R.25
Petty, J. R.25
Petty, Mrs. J. R.25
Pommerville, Albert7
Pommerville, Albert23
Pommerville, Albert25
Proulx, Albert23
Proulx, Albert and Eva25
Proulx, David6
Proulx, Ed4
Proulx, Ed24
Proulx, Gilbert3
Proulx, H. A.24
Proulx, H. A.25
Proulx, Jos.6
Proulx, Louis8
Proulx, Louis Sr.11
Proulx, Peter10
Proulx, Peter11
Proulx, Peter24
Proulx, W. A.3
Ray, Geo. C.10
Reed, Willis3
Reichle, Theo23
Reid, Harold3
Renslow, Truman4
Rhontsong, Bert24
Rhontsong, Bert25
Roberts, Wm.24
Rockweber, John23
Rose, Emma6
Schaiberger, Will3
Schaiberger, Will9
School District No 124
School House9
Scram, Ed9
Selle, Henry23
Sigell, Doc (Dog Tax)12
Sigell, Paul11
Sim, E. W.11
Sims, E. W.23
Smith, Kenneth24
Souvigny, John24
Souvigny, Louis8
Souvigny, Louis10
Souvigny, Louis23
Souvigny, Mrs. Louis5
Sproul Estate24
Sproule R. L. (Dog Tax)12
Sproule, H. M.25
Sproule, R. L.9
Sproule, R. L. Estate23
Sproule, Robert9
Standard Oil Co.24
Steil, Edd24
Thaut, George25
Traphagen, C. A.11
Trudo, Eli4
Tuttle, John3
Vancea, Mrs. John23
W____son, Mrs. (Dog Tax)12
Wells, Martin (Dog Tax)12
West Bay City Sugar Co.10
West Bay City Sugar Co.23
Wetmore, Olonzo2
Wilk, Mike24
Wilk, Mike25
Willette, Alec25
Willette, Alex3
Willette, Louis1
Willette, Louis2
Wise, John5