In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

Copyright 2009 – ACHS | Indexed June 8, 2009


Au Gres Assessment Roll 1917
Allen, A. A.4
Armstrong, Tom11
AuGres State Bank9
Badour, Bob6
Badour, Spencer9
Badour, Spencer9
Badour, Will1
Baum, Andrew10
Baum, Andrew11
Bay City Michigan Sugar11
Brabo, P_____ 7
Brown, Tom11
Burnside, G. A.8
Catholic Church3
City Park10
Cole and Petty8
Cole and Petty9
Cole and Petty11
Cole and Sproule9
Cole Grimore Mercantile4
Cole Sproule and Co.9
Cole Sproule Co.10
Cole, E. B.9
Cole, E. G.3
Cole, E. G.7
Cole, E. G.8
Cole, E. G.9
Cole, E. G.10
Cullip, Mrs. Walter4
Day, Nathan4
Dougherty, Ch.4
Dougherty, Charles5
Dougherty, E. C.4
Dougherty, Stella5
Elliott, Mrs. John3
Frank Chicory Co.11
Freeland, Olonzo9
German American Sugar11
Good, Sam1
Good, Sam2
Grimore, James2
Grimore, James9
Hamman, Mrs.8
Harrington, Mrs.4
Herman and Johnson7
Hill, W. A.10
Hudson, Mrs.9
I.O.O.F. Hall3
Jennings, Alfred8
Jennings, Charles10
M. E. Church4
M. E. Parsonage9
Mackin, Mrs.3
Marsh, Harry1
McCourt, Alen7
McCourt, Will7
McDougal, S_____ 8
McGregor, James12
McGregor, Jos.6
McNeil, Libby11
Mic, Tony11
Moran, Ben___ 9
Mudge, Mary8
Paradise, Bert4
Paradise, Bert9
Petty, J. R.3
Petty, J. R.4
Petty, J. R.7
Petty, J. R.8
Petty, J. R.9
Petty, J. R.11
Pommerville, Albert8
Proulx, Ed5
Proulx, Ed7
Proulx, Mrs. Louis8
Proulx, Mrs. Louis9
Reid, Harold4
Reid, Will5
Richter, Will10
Rose, Emma7
Schaeiberger, Will4
Schaiberger, Will10
Schlegel, Philip7
School House10
Sims, E. W.9
Souvigny, Louis9
Souvigny, Louis11
Souvigny, Mrs.6
Sproule R. G.10
Sproule, Robt.10
Traphagan, C. A.9
Trudo, Eli5
Tulte, John4
Twining, Fred11
Wells, Martin8
West Bay City Sugar11
Wetmore, Olonzo3
Willette, Alen4
Willette, Louis1
Willette, Louis3
Wise, John6