In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

Copyright 2013 – ACHS | Indexed June 17, 2013


Au Gres Assessment Roll 1944
Armbruster, John28
Arnson, A. W.11
AuGres City1, 13, 15, 27
AuGres School19
AuGres School District11
Badour, Basil28
Baum, Adam and Irene28
Baum, Peter and Stazia8
Beauch, Harvey and Hildred2
Bessinger Pickle Company7
Bessinger, Daniel and Adeal2
Bessinger, Edward and Ruth3
Bessinger, John Henry and Clara4
Britton, Harold and Marjorie11
Bugh, Irvin and Farol1
Carruthers, Russell and Doris15
Catholic Church22
Christie, Edwin and Florence2, 9, 19, 23
City Hall Park19
Coats, Sherman and Minnie3, 6
Consumers Power Company28
Crawford, Edmund and Tilly28
Cross, Jane and Duby, Mabel and Myrtle9
Davis, Albert24
Davis, Albert and Susan11
Deford, Alex and Virginia19
Dittenber, Elizabeth Bessinger4
Dragomer, Akem and Martha28
Duby, Charles and Myrtle6, 9
Engelman, George and Catherine7
Ennes, Calvin1
Farver, Dewey and Jesse21
Forward, Austin15
Frank, Anna E.20
Frank, Harry22
Frank, Harry and Ruth1
Frank, Harry Jr. and Virginia1
Frank, J. W. and Catherine14
Gartner, Joseph7, 8
Golembeski, Edward2
Grahm, J. C.5
Hartwick, Cecil and Lillian24
Hatcher, Frank and Emma1
Heinrich, Henry and Lydia10, 24
Heinrich, Philip and Margaret27
Jennings, Charles and Augusta15, 20
Jennings, Harry and Helen20
Jennings, Wallace and Rhea7
Kessler, Genevieve28
Kleinfelder, Godfrey and Anna4
Kopasz, Frank18
Lake, Grace25
Laterneau, Moses27
M. E. Church24
M. E. Parsonage19
Marsh, Harry and Mabel13, 18, 23, 24
Maser, George and Elizabeth14
Maser, John and Catherine19, 24
Maser, Peter and Helen8, 18
Maser, Peter and Marie27
McCourt, George9
Metcalf, Bert and Lizzie11
Michigan Sugar Company6
Mir, Tony28
Moggo, Edward and Della8
Monitor Sugar Company5, 7
Morgan, Norman and Helen2
Noggle, H. C. and C. G.16, 23, 24
O'Neil, Roy15
O'Neil, Roy and Clara16, 17, 18
Packard, Ernest and Violet24
Paradise, Bert and Emily14
Parish, Silver K.27
Parkinson, Myrtle28
Petty, Daisy L.7, 9, 10, 18, 19, 22, 28
Petty, Ross18
Plesum, Arthur and Ruth10
Pommerville, Albert and Stella19
Pommerville, Mertie25
Proulx, Eva2, 16, 19, 22
Proulx, H. A.2, 25
Proulx, H. A. and Gertrude10, 12, 19
Proulx, Herbert12
Proulx, Herbert and Gertrude25
Proulx, Peter and Grace12, 13
Purvas, Peter2
Reichle, Carl and Marie10, 28
Reichle, Irvin R.19
Reichle, Theodore E. and Margaret19
Reid, William and Alice9
Rhoutsong, Burton2, 24, 27
Rockweiler, John and Helen28
Roe, Rollin and Alma15
Runcinau, C. H.7
Schlagel, Philip8
Schonmeier, John28
Schrader, Elton19
Shirkey, George and Eva28
Socia, John and Minnie9
Souvigny, John5
Sproule Hardware Company17
Sproule, H. M. and Ida21
Sproule, Herbert and Ida10, 17
Stiehl, Edward9
Tarnosky, Edward R.8
The AuGres State Bank18
Twining Oil Company11
Weigoudt, Philip and Anna26
Wetmon, David24
Wilk, Mike and Mary2
Willett, Alex and Ellen26
Willett, Ernest and Ada26, 27