In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

Copyright 2009 – ACHS | Indexed June 8, 2009


Au Gres Twp Assessment Roll 1905
Adsit, Betsey16
Anderson, Lucy33
Armstrong, Tom2
Badour, Albert40
Badour, Jos.38
Badour, Wm.41
Ballen, James37
Ballen, James41
Ballen, James43
Ballen, James46
Ballen, James47
Bartrou, Dave42
Billings, A. G.10
Billings, E. G.11
Bissett, H__otia48
Bow, J.44
Brabout, Alex31
Brabout, Jos.30
Brashaw, J.49
Burtell, Ben10
Chapon, Ory Wallis37
Coats, Sherman47
Cole and Grimore32
Cole and Petty18
Cole and Petty29
Cole, E. G.14
Cole, E. G.15
Cole, E. G.32
Connors, Mrs. Wm.19
Cook, John6
Corning Estate35
Corning Estate38
Corning Estate43
Corning Estate44
Crawford, Jos.33
Crockett, Mrs.14
Cullip, Walter28
Cullip, Walter33
Davis, Martin47
Davis, Wm.11
Deashemer, Mary25
Dougherty, Chas.2
Doughtery, Chas.13
Drier, Louis43
Drier, Louis47
Duby, Geo.2
Duby, Louis2
Duby, Louis11
Duby, Will26
Durand, Alex41
Durand, Fred1
Durand, Fred49
Elliott, Arthur17
Elliott, Mrs. John23
Elson, Mike42
Frank, Daniel40
Frank, Harry44
Freeland, Henry2
Freeland, Olonzo19
French, Wm.2
Gamble, John42
Gamble, John43
Gardner, Peter49
Gates and Collins3
Gates and Collins8
Gates and Collins33
Gates and Collins34
Gates and Collins36
Gates and Collins37
Gates and Collins38
Gates and Collins44
Gates and Collins47
Gates of _38
Gleason, Ed8
Gleason, Ed34
Gorie, Will27
Grimore and Sons32
Grimore, Geo.12
Grimore, Geo.20
Grimore, Geo. H.31
Grimore, James6
Grimore, James21
Grimore, James30
Grimore, James33
Grimore, James38
Grimore, James40
Gross, Joe14
Haltz, Horace43
Hammond, Tom5
Hannan, Mrs.26
Hannan, Mrs.45
Harrington, Mrs.31
Hartwick, Dave33
Hartwick, John24
Hayes, Mrs.35
Heatley, Maggie23
Hemingway, J.41
Hemingway, J.48
Hemingway, J.49
Henning, Gust37
Henry Reid Estate44
Herman Bros.7
Herman Bros.12
Herman, Gust41
Hernstreet, Emma31
Hill, H. A.12
Hill, Roly33
Hill, W. A.26
Hill, W. A.31
Hitz, Leonard42
Hoxie, Fred6
Hoxie, John5
Hoxie, Lyman5
Hudson, Mrs.13
Huntley, Thomas6
Huskins, Henry10
Jennings, Chas.15
Johnson, John37
Kent, Andrew34
King and Savage49
King, John12
Lake, Marvin37
Lake, Orin44
Lileberg, Wm.4
Lileberg, Wm.5
Logger Boom Co.38
Logger Boom Co.41
Luke, Henry22
Maltby and Co.9
Maltby Lumber Co.34
Marsh, Harry2
Marsh, Harry16
Marsh, Harry24
McCane, J. C.36
McCourt, Dave39
McCourt, Dave40
McCrickett, J.10
McDonald, A.45
McDonald, V. Kent47
McDougall, A.47
McDougall, Alex37
McDougall, Angus44
McDougall, Malcolm43
McDougall, Malcolm44
McGregor, Jos.12
McKin, Wm.37
McKin, Wm.38
McKingin, Ch.44
McLean, John10
Minzer, Fred9
Monroe, A. C.4
Monroe, A. C.5
Monroe, A. C.46
Moor, Florence5
Moor, J. H.5
Moor, J. J.4
Moor, J. J.5
Mudge, Mary20
Myers, Christ38
Neeley, Robt.44
Neeley, Robt.45
Neeley, Robt.47
Packard, Andrew38
Packard, George38
Packard, S. W.43
Packard, S.W.33
Pagle, Chris6
Patterson, Mrs.41
Perry Brothers37
Perry, Dan44
Perry, Levi44
Petty, J. R.28
Pommerville, Albert40
Potter, W. J.6
Pratt, Frank24
Preston, Dr.35
Preston, Dr.36
Proulx, Gilbert11
Proulx, Gilbert12
Proulx, Gilbert40
Proulx, Jos.11
Proulx, Jos.25
Proulx, Louis41
Proulx, Wm.29
Reid, Mrs. Henry11
Reid, Mrs. Henry25
Reid, Mrs. Henry27
Reynold, Cole42
Richard Sisters22
Richter, Wm.29
Rifle Boom Co.45
Rifle Boom Co.46
Rogers, Mrs.35
Roy, James10
Roy, John2
Ryland, John41
Ryland, John49
Rymal, Geo. W.33
Sage, H. W.2
Sage, H. W.3
Sage, H. W.4
Sage, H. W.5
Sage, H. W.9
Sage, H. W.36
Sage, H. W.41
Sage, H. W.44
Sage, H. W.49
Sager, H. W.1
Salwassee, John5
Saunders, Tom39
Schaiberger, H.32
Schilling, Sherman34
Schilling, Shurman38
Schlusser, S. D.11
Schultz, Wm.10
Selle, Charles48
Selle, Henry42
Shaw Bros.12
Shirley, Geo.10
Shous, V. Co.46
Smith, Chris35
Smith, Geo.7
Snider, Louis11
Souvigny, Louis9
Souvigny, Louis22
Souvigny, Louis33
Sproule, Herb32
Sproule, Josie14
Sproule, Robt.9
Sproule, Robt.30
Sterling, H. C.38
Stevens, Will16
Stoddard John L.43
Swanson, Cole42
Symore, Louis38
Symsons, Warren2
Talbert, Archie49
Tasker, Fred6
Taylor, Elisha47
Taylor, Mrs. E.44
Thompson, Chas.8
Townsend, Albert15
Townsend, Albert23
Townsend, Albert34
Trudell, John49
Tuttle, John6
Ulman, Henry43
Ulman, Henry47
Ulmstead, Mrs.7
Ulmstead, Mrs.35
Warren, C. L.37
Warren, Frank45
Warren, True43
Wetmore, Henry39
Wheeler, A.4
Wheeler, A.7
Willett, Fabian49
Youngman Bros.45