In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

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NOTE on Dog Tax: Legislated on 12 May 1846, if an owner could be found for a dog, the owner was assessed a tax of “not more than one dollar” and “not more than two dollars” for each additional dog. The fees went into a fund to cover “the destruction of sheep by dogs.” If a dog remained unclaimed or if required fees were not paid, the dog could be destroyed. — From Green, S., 1846. The Revised Statutes of the State of Michigan, passed and approved May 18th, 1846. Detroit: Bagg & Harmon, p.201. Online book. ( : accessed 18 May 2022).


Au Gres Twp Assessment Roll 1907
Armstrong, Dell2
Armstrong, Tom2
Armstrong, Tom (Dog Tax)35
Badour, Albert21
Badour, Albert (Dog Tax)33
Badour, Joe20
Badour, Jos.25
Badour, Jos. (Dog Tax)34
Badour, Wm.22
Ballen, James18
Ballen, James23
Ballen, James29
Ballen, James30
Bellings, A. G.10
Billings, E. G.11
Billings, John9
Bissett, Horotia31
Bissett, Hortia (Dog Tax)34
Bow, Wm.26
Bow, Wm. (Dog Tax)34
Bratrow, Harry (Dog Tax)34
Burtell, Ben10
Chaponer & Wallis18
Clay, H. G.11
Clay, H. J.23
Coatts, Sherman30
Corning Estate14
Corning Estate20
Corning Estate25
Corning Estate26
Crawford, Ed (Dog Tax)33
Crawford, Jos.12
Daugherty, Chas.2
Davis, Jerry (Dog Tax)34
Davis, M. V. (Dog Tax)35
Davis, Martin30
Davis, Stacy (Dog Tax)35
DeWitt, Geo.5
DeWitt, Geo. (Dog Tax)35
Doan, Delbert (Dog Tax)34
Drier, Louis25
Drier, Louis30
Drier, Otto30
Drier, Wm.30
Drier, Wm. (Dog Tax)34
Dryer, Chas.25
Duby, Geo.2
Duby, Louis11
Duby, Louis (Dog Tax)33
Duby. Louis2
Durand, Alex23
Durand, Fred1
Durand, Fred32
Elson, Mike24
Elson, Mike (Dog Tax)34
Ex, Jacob24
Ex, Jacob (Dog Tax)35
Frank, Daniel22
Frank, Harry26
Freeland, Henry (Dog Tax)33
Gardner, Peter32
Gates & Collins3
Gates & Collins8
Gates & Collins12
Gates & Collins18
Gates & Collins20
Gates & Collins27
Gates & Collins30
Gates, H. M.20
Gleason, Ed8
Gleason, Ed13
Grimore, James7
Grimore, James12
Grimore, James21
Hall, A. A.15
Haltz, Horace25
Hammond, Tom5
Hammond, Tomas (Dog Tax)35
Hannan, Mrs.27
Harting, N. C.13
Hartwick, Dave12
Hartwick, Dave (Dog Tax)33
Hay, David8
Hayes, Mrs.15
Hemmingway, J.22
Hemmingway, J.32
Hemmingway, L. J.31
Hemmingway, L. J. (Dog Tax)33
Hemstreet, C.11
Henning, Gus19
Herman Bros.6
Herman Bros.7
Herman, Gus23
Hitz, Leonard24
Hoxie, Fred6
Hoxie, John5
Hoxie, Lyman5
Huntley, Frank (Dog Tax)35
Huntley, Thomas6
Huskins, Henry10
Johnson, John19
Kent, A.4
Kent, Andrew13
King, John11
Kneeland, F. G.8
Lake, Marvin (Dog Tax)34
Lake, Mervin18
Lake, Orin26
Larsons, H & A.29
Lilleberg, Wm.4
Lilleberg, Wm.5
Logger Boom Co.23
Longbreak, J.30
Longbreak, James (Dog Tax)34
Magor, Gus16
Maltby Co.9
Maltby Lumber Co.13
Marsh, Harry2
Marsh, Harry3
Mazer, Henry20
McBain, Allen (Dog Tax)33
McCane, J. C.16
McCourt, Dave21
McCourt, Dave (Dog Tax)33
McCrickett, J.10
McCrickett, J. (Dog Tax)33
McDonald & Kent15
McDonald, A.27
McDonald, A.28
McDonald, Angus29
McDonald, Angus30
McDougall, A.30
McDougall, Alex19
McDougall, Angus27
McGregor, Jos.11
McKin, Wm.19
McLean, John10
McLean, John13
Minzer, Fred9
Monroe, A. C.4
Monroe, A. C.5
Monroe, A. E.28
Moor, Florence5
Moor, J. H.5
Moor, J. J.4
Moor, J. J.5
Myers, Chris20
Packard, Andrew20
Packard, Gus20
Packard, S. W.12
Packard, S. W.25
Packard, S. W. (Dog Tax)33
Pagle, Chris6
Pagle, Henry6
Payne, G. W.29
Perry Bros.19
Perry, Levi26
Petty, J. R.12
Petty, John R.2
Petty, John R.22
Petty, John R.26
Pommerville, C.12
Potter, W. J.6
Preston, Dr.15
Preston, Dr.16
Priehs, Chas. (Dog Tax)35
Proulx, Gilbert11
Proulx, Gilbert21
Proulx, Gilbert (Dog Tax)33
Proulx, Joe11
Proulx, Joe (Dog Tax)33
Proulx, Louis23
Reid, Heny, Estate26
Reynolds, Cole24
Reynolds, John24
Riffle Boom Co.28
Riffle Boom Co.29
Rogers, Mrs.15
Roy, James10
Roy, John2
Ryland, John23
Ryland, John32
Ryland, John (Dog Tax)33
Rymal, G. M.12
Rymal, M. G. (Dog Tax)33
Sage, H. W.3
Sage, H. W.4
Sage, H. W.5
Sage, H. W.9
Sage, H. W.16
Sage, H. W.17
Sage, H. W.23
Sage, H. W.27
Sage, H. W.32
Sage. H. W.1
Saunders, Tom21
Schilling, Sherman19
Schlusser, S. D.11
Schultz, Wm.10
Selle, Chas.31
Selle, Henry24
Seymore, Louis19
Seymore, Louis (Dog Tax)34
Shilling, Sherman13
Shirkey, Alex25
Shirkey, Alex (Dog Tax)35
Shirkey, Chas. (Dog Tax)35
Shows & Co.29
Smith, Chris14
Smith, Chris (Dog Tax)35
Smith, Dr.6
Smith, Geo.7
Smith, Geo.14
Snider, Louis11
Souvigny, Louis12
Sproule, Robt.9
Striker, Alex25
Striker, Alex26
Striker, Alex (Dog Tax)34
Swanson, Ch.24
Symsons, Warren2
Taylor, Elisha30
Taylor, Frank (Dog Tax)34
Taylor, Mrs. E.26
Thompson, Chas.8
Townsend, Albert13
Tuttle, John6
Tuttle, John (Dog Tax)35
Ulman, Harry30
Ulman, Henry25
Ulman, Henry (Dog Tax)35
Ulmstead, Mrs.7
Ulmstead, Mrs.14
Ulmstead, Mrs. (Dog Tax)35
Warren, Chas.18
Warren, Chas. (Dog Tax)34
Warren, Frank27
Warren, Frank (Dog Tax)34
Warren, True25
Warren, True (Dog Tax)34
Weber, W. C.6
Wheeler, A.4
Wheeler, A.7
Whitmore, Henry (Dog Tax)34
Willett, Alex (Dog Tax)33
Willett, Fabian (Dog Tax)33
Willett, Louis (Dog Tax)33
Youngman Bros.28