In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

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Twining Assessment Roll 1927
Arnson, A2
Barker, H.C.13
Brintnell, J.A.15
Burnside, Land Co.1
Church Property7
Clayton, E.9
Clayton, E.18
Consumers Power Co.1
Consumers Power Co.2
Consumers Power Co.3
Consumers Power Co.12
Consumers Power Co.16
Curriston, N. and Son2
Davis, Sam3
Edgerton, Jennie17
Eginger, L.2
Elevator Co.1
Etherington, H.17
Firkser, Norman8
Fisher, Clarence5
Fisher, Myron5
Forshee, Claud9
Gee, Jas8
Gee, Jas.11
Gettle, Mrs. Ida4
Giger, Simon6
Henning, Geo.7
Hewitt, Geo6
Hewitt, Geo.20
Hollister, Asa8
Hollister, Chas19
Hollister, G.H.4
Hollister, G.H.5
Hollister, G.H.16
Hunt, Frank7
I.O.O.F. Hall17
Jaynes, Frank18
Jaynes, Mrs. Julia8
Kissners Estate3
Lammy, Sam10
Lammy, Sam13
Lammy, Sam14
Lammy, Sam22
Lammy, Wm.5
Le Roux, Wm.9
Leroux, Mrs. Margaret1
Lincholn, Wm.9
Linchon, Walt7
Marble, H.1
Marble, H.11
March, Mr. H.4
Mathews, C. N.8
McColley, John17
McCready, Ella16
McCready, Ellen15
Mich. Sugar Co.2
Miller, Martin7
Miller, Martin14
Miller, Merlin9
Moat, G.B.13
Munro, Anna20
Neal, Andrew17
Ostrander, Robt.16
Pihaylic, Mike22
Pool, Burt13
Randall, H.1
Randall, H.11
Reese, Mrs2
Reid, Clarence17
Reid, Jas.7
Reid, Jas.12
Reid, John7
Robison, Wm8
Rogers, Sidney4
Sanford, S.O.1
Sanford, S.O.8
Sanford, S.O.19
Sanford, S.O.20
Sindo, Wm.14
Smith, Mrs. Ellen8
Snider, Martin5
Stevens, F.J.17
Thurber, Mrs.17
Townsend, A.H.4
Twining Bank6
Twining Bank13
Twining Bank15
Twining Bank16
Twining Oil Co.2
Van Cycle, Ruben18
Warren, Frank21
Weinberg, S.N.9
Wideman Estate6
Wideman Estate10
Williams, R.H.1
Wilson, Archie4
Wing, L.L.3
Wing, L.L.9
Young, Edd6
Young, Perry3
Young, Perry4