In Arenac County Historical Society Assessment Rolls

Copyright 2008 – ACHS | Indexed June 19, 2008

NOTE: Names with CN* in the page column are on an Office of Clerk Note.


Twining Assessment Roll 1939
Borswald, Oscar17
Bozenak, Mrs. Pearl10
Burnside, Garfield18
Chatfield Bean and Grain Company31B
Chatfield Bean and Grain CompanyCN*
Chatfield Milling Company16
Chatfield Milling Company - Stock and Machinery22
Church Property8
Church Property and Hall13
Consolidated Grain Corporation1
Consumers Power Company1
Consumers Power Company2
Consumers Power Company3
Consumers Power Company4
Consumers Power Company16
Consumers Power Company13
Consumers Power Company - Power Line22
Corey, Geo.5
Currison, Emory6
Curriston, Emory3
Curriston, Emory31A
Curriston, Emory31B
Curriston, EmoryCN*
Curriston, Emory - Auto Accessories22
Davis, Sam3
Eddy, Geo.19
Eddy, Geo.31A
Edgerton Estate, Jennie17
Etherington, H.18
Etherington, Henry17
Farver, Mrs. Jessie1
Finksen, Norman9
Forshee, C. L.5
Forshee, Clare L.31B
Forshee, Clare L.CN*
Forshee, Claude10
Forshee, Claude10
Forshee, Claude - Undertaking Merchandise22
Fremont, Norris9
Fremont, Norris - Auto Accessories22
Fuller, Mrs. Anna3
Geiger Estate, Simon7
Geiger, Ethel8
Geiger, EthelCN*
Geiger, Ethel C.31A
Geiger, Ethel C.31C
Gettel, Clarence6
Gettel, Clarence15
Gettel, Mrs. Ida5
Gibson, R.17
Gillette, D.16
Gillette, Don31B
Gillette, DonCN*
Green, Bryon12
Hemming, Geo.8
Henning, George31A
Hewitt, Mrs. Mary18
Hewitt, Mrs. Mary19
Hollister, Charles16
Hollister, Mrs. Asa9
Hunt, F. N.11
Hunt, F. W.8
Hunter, Mrs. Jennie9
Johannas, A. - Auto Accessories22
Johannes, Alex17
Lammy, Mrs. Emma5
LeRoux, Mrs. Martha20
Lushnut, Martin9
Marble, Howard12
Marble, Howard14
Mathews, C. N.9
McKenzia, Donald18
Michigan Sugar Company2
Miller, C. V - Groceries22
Miller, C. V.8
Miller, C. V.10
Miller, Mrs. Sara14
Moat, G. B.17
Moat, G. B.1
Moat, G. B.14
Moat, G. B.31A
Moat, G. B.31C
Moat, G. B.31D
Moat, G. B.31B
Mosher, E.15
Mosher, Ervin6
Mosher, Maud J.CN*
Mosher, Mrs. Lillian3
Munro, Harold21
Norton, Tom12
Ostrander, Mrs. Mable13
Ostrander, Robert16
Pihaylic Estate, Mike15
Pihaylic, Mike20
Poole, Percy10
Randall, Maud J.31B
Randall, Mrs. Maud J.16
Reid, John9
Reid, Mrs. Nellie4
Rippenbark, Floyd18
Robinson Estate, Wm.9
Robinson, Mrs. May8
Russell, H.17
Russell, Howard4
Sanford, S. O.5
Smith Estate, Mrs. Ellen10
Steube, C. A.19
Streeter, Mrs. Carrie15
Townsend, A. H.5
Twining Bank1
Twining Bank17
Twining Oil Company3
Twining Oil Company - Stock and Tanks22
Twining, Mrs. Lillie20
Twining, Mrs. Lillie M.11
Twining, Mrs. Lillie M.14
Village Hall17
Walz, John1
Warren, Arthur17
Warren, F. A.20
Weinberg and Company, S. N.2
Weinberg and Company, S. N.14
Weinberg Company, S. N.10
Weinberg Company, S. N. - General Merchandise and Hardware22
Wilmont, Mrs. Geo.5
Wilson, Archie5
Wismer, Roy7
Wismer, Roy11
Young, Clarence6
Young, Edward4
Young, Edward7
Young, Perry4